Pop Rocks: The Seven Emerging Genres of 2014 Fall TV Shows

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When nerds ruled the world...or TV.
Like all forms of entertainment, television can get locked into some patterns. Often times, those simply follow what has been successful recently. And while you might think that means cop shows and hospital dramas, that isn't always the case. This new fall season, as it turns out, is virtually devoid of doctors. Sure it has a bunch of crime series, but not all cop shows.

It certainly does follow some very specific and obvious trends, however. Some of them are recent, some old as TV itself and others are brand new. Let's take a look.

7. '60s-Era Resets
Shows: Acquarius (NBC), Astronaut Wives Club (ABC), Mission Control (NBC), The Odd Couple (CBS), Public Morals (TNT)

Groovy, man, networks are revisiting the tumultuous 1960s. This could have been spurred by the success of the PBS documentary on the decade, but whatever the case, a spate of new shows focused on flower power (and cop dramas, natch) are hitting the air this fall, including a reboot of the Neil Simon play and popular '70s sitcom The Odd Couple, this time with Matthew Perry.

6. Race-centric
Shows: Black-ish (NBC), Cristela (NBC), American Crime (ABC), Empire (Fox), Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

This used to be an area dominated by retreads and pandering, but with stars like Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne taking their turn at the wheel, this season shows promise. It also includes a sitcom about an Asian family, something we haven't seen much of on the primetime landscape, and a series focused on the world of hip hop that feels like Boardwalk Empire meets Dreamgirls with a cast that would make anyone tune in.

5. Nerds and The Internet
Shows: Scorpion (CBS), Selfie (ABC), CSI: Cyber (CBS)

If Big Bang Theory (and the contract renewals for its stars) taught us anything, it's that nerds watch TV. See also Halt and Catch Fire and HBO's Silicon Valley. This year includes something called Selfie about a person obsessed with Internet celebrity. It had to happen at some point: Social media is invading the geek domain.

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