FrenetiCore's Quench Is a Soggy Success (We Mean That in a Good Way)

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From Quench
Note: Our usual dance writer Adam Castanada was unable to review FrenetiCore's Quench because he was on stage during the performance (he's a member of the FrenetiCore Dance group). Night + Day Editor Olivia Flores Alvarez stepped in.

We're having a little bit of trouble reading our notes for Quench, FrenetiCore Dance's latest evening-length program. Our handwriting is okay (even for writing in the dark), it's not that. It's that the pages in our notebook are are a little smeared. Quench lived up to its promise and got everything - and everyone - in the theater wet. We were about three rows up, so we didn't get quite as drenched as the people in the first row, but before the night was done FrenetiCore managed to splish, splash and, in some cases, soak everyone in the room.

The Set-up: Rebecca French, artistic director and choreographer for FrenetiCore Dance, promised her audience two things: One, Quench would be fun. Two, everyone would get wet. She delivered on both counts. A collection of mostly non-narrative vignettes, Quench explored, in a light and playful way, water. How we have fun in it, how we fight in it and at the end our the performance we saw, how to raise money with it. Ashley Horn provided lovely underwater film segments and SPIKE the Percussionist supplied live, on-stage drumming. Dancers became nymphs, water sprites, mermaids, happy children and at one point, thirsty dancers.

As an encore, the dancers performed their own version of the ice bucket challenge. (For $10, audience members could douse the dancer/s of their choice with icy cold water.)

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Frenetic Theater

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