Five Reasons Why British Guys Are Better Than American Guys

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Sam Claflin
Having been to England and dated a guy who's half British (his dad was English), I think I can make the assessment that British guys are better than American guys. And here are five reasons why.

Jamie Dornan
1. More mature. When find yourself drooling over a 24-year-old British guy... and you're a a little bit older than that... you feel a little sad. Of course, I'm not talking about myself... no of course not. But if it were me, it would be because this British dude had a sense of maturity about him that makes him so appealing. I don't know what they teach them in school, but British guys tend to have a better head on their shoulders in their twenties, then our guys in the States whom don't tend to mature until about 50, sometimes even longer.

Alex Pettyfer on Jimmy Kimmel
2. Sense of humor. Who doesn't like a guy who can have a wacky sense of humor without coming off like an Adam Sandler like man-child. Maybe it's the maturity that gives them that wicked edge, but all I know is there is a distinct difference between a British guy's perverse sense a humor and the potty joke, frat boy sense of humor American guys have, that makes British guys stand out.

Tom Hiddleston
3. Style. British guys got it. When riding the subway... I mean "tube" when in London; I was surrounded by tall English men wearing sleek suits and stylish sweaters and smelt like heaven... A lot different than what I'm used to in New York, where I've stood next to too many guys wearing sloppy clothing and smelt like alcohol and as if they hadn't showered in weeks.

Henry Cavill
4. Smart. I love being able to have a fun conversation about why batman is better than superman one minute and the next minute be discussing The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a sapiosexual, but I love a guy who is well rounded. And British guys actually like to read apparently. As well as many other things, which seem uncommon here in the U.S.

Joseph Morgan and Persia White
5. Doting. With the exception of Jude Law, most British men have respect for women and treat their ladies well. Don't believe me?? Just use Hollywood as an example, and you will see that some of the best couples that have lasted are the ones that include at least one British person. British guys seem to be less superficial and partner up for life, which is just another trait that makes them so sexy and appealing.

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My ex married an Englishman after me and now she has to put up with him being stoned and drunk on a daily basis.  That's called marrying down.

Don't forget to check the teeth!

Mandy Benavides Carter
Mandy Benavides Carter

All true Melissa Aguilar Rodriguez! Although they only need one reason and it's not on this list: THE ACCENT! ;)

Nicki Stacy
Nicki Stacy

You must date some real crap for American guys. I know plenty that do not fit your stereotype of awful American "boys."

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

Crystal, you are speaking my language! I have had a thing for British men since I was a teenager. I still do. Pretty much all of my celebrity crushes are British. Oh, and the accents. I just love UK accents.

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