5 Reasons I'm Disappointed With My PS4

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The Playstation 4 is the first game console I've bought at launch since the Super Nintendo. That was more than a half a year ago, and I don't think I've played it more than once every couple of weeks since then.

It's not that it's a bad system, or that I regret buying it. I still think it's the best choice of the big three, but that's not really saying a whole lot. Things that have left me a little saddened are...

Free Indie Games
The best launch title for the PS4 was by far Contrast. Yes, it was glitchy and short, but it was also beautiful, imaginative, fun, and touching. The title single-handedly justified for me the whole Playstation Plus membership that is required for online play. $15 a month, but I can get free indie games? That's a deal.

There hasn't been a game like Contrast since.

I just downloaded Vessel, hoping to be proven wrong about this point, but it's just another slightly pretty, but ultimately lackluster title that I could just as easily be playing on my ancient laptop in a browser. I was hoping that by supporting the PSN through a Plus membership it would incentivize a huge number of indie titles. Now, I feel a little cheated whenever my membership automatically renews.

"Is he playing us again, Joel" "Yep, honey, he sure is."
I'm Playing PS3 Games
On one hand, this isn't so bad. I traded in a bunch of big PS3 games to Game Stop to knock the price of my console down, and now I have them back again but with all the DLC already included. I think I may have technically made money on that deal, but I'm too lazy to do the math.

While that's cool, there's still no arguing that the two games that have gotten the most play on my PS4 are the remasters of Tomb Raider and The Last of Us. Both great games, but what's the point? There's nothing in either of them that I really needed to see in any better quality, and I'd argue the opposite is actually true. This brings us to...

No Backwards Compatibility
I have three different Playstations hooked up to my TV because I am still playing games from as far back as the PS1. It's nice to have remastered PS3 titles, but I still can't just download something like Final Fantasy XII onto my PS4 (Or PS3 for that matter). Somehow in this day and age, with gaming at an almost magical level of technology, it's still impossible for me to have one machine that will play all my officially licensed by Sony and in no way stolen or pirated games.

I wouldn't even complain if they would just make more things available in the Playstation Store. Sony has been extremely cagey about how much of it's huge past library they are going to offer, and until they do I'm going to be firing up my PS2 to play Dragon Quest 8 until the PS4 gets a decent RPG.

One of the reasons I'm considering a Wii U is because not only is it getting the new Xenoblade, it will still play the original Wii one. Maybe Nintendo had the right idea with their more upgrade approach after all.

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The lack of backwards compatibility, or at least a way to send in or transfer old games for new hardware capable versions, combined with a lack of the same amount and quality of apps as the last generation has prevented me from purchasing a new Xbox as well. If they could fix those issues, i'd buy one in a heartbeat. That being said, I disagree with your original statement that the ps4 is the best new console. Why?, well partly, cause I'm a Xbox guy, and you probably think I'm wrong cause, well, you are a PS guy. But mainly because the ps4 is a gaming device with a new controller feature, the Xbox one is a gaming device with a home entertainment center feature. It sounds like the games, controller and apps are lackluster. I also don't like the new Xbox controller as much as the last one, and haven't seen any must have games, and see that the apps are lacking, however everyone I know who owns one, says the media/entertainment features are truly awesome. So in summary, it sounds like the new generation of hardware fails so far on all the core functions for both PS and XB, however the XB can do TV stuff the PS can't. When they fix the issues plaguing both systems, maybe I'll upgrade my 360 to a One.

Luis Amora
Luis Amora

Great system, fun and great looking indie games. I paid 50 bucks for a year of psn. That less then 5 bucks a month.. If your paying 15 you're getting ripped..


Ummm no. All wrong. Netflix works fine for me. Never had issues unless my Internet connection going out completely. Touch button works fine. Now that the PSNOW is out I still don't see myself replaying any of those games. Some people I know either trade games for new ones or hold on to old systems but don't play them anyways. Starting in a few months though things are gonna change where a lot of games are only going to be new gen. If u have all your playstation you're a light hoarder. Lol


@qursdxx  Ummm, why are you telling him his opinions or experiences are wrong? Have you been to his house? Since you aren't him, and haven't had his experiences, the best you can say is, "I disagree because..." or "I haven't experienced the same issues..."


The WiiU was really just a couple of Wii's duct taped together, so the backwards compatibility was an easy lift. PS4 changed the architecture entirely, so backwards compatibility shouldn't be expected, yeah?

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@idylwino PS3s could at least play PS1 games, and some could even play PS2. I'm not asking for the world here. Hell, if they let me mail in my old PS2 games and send me a download code for my PSN account that would be awesome. 

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