Rest of the Best: 10 Best Houston Indie Movie Posters

5. Hardball: All Balls Don't Bounce
Ah Jerry Ochoa... no one ever knows if he's serious or not. He can put one of the most ridiculous titles ever on a film and still make it work. Sure, the poster has our hero in a pink jacket and an improbable hat, but look at the bullet halo and bask in the religious subtext. That poster is a thing of beauty. Silly, silly beauty.

4. Death 7
Ibis Fernandez doesn't make nearly enough noise as he should. Created for the 48 Hour Film Fest, Death 7 is a wonderful short with real vision (Plus, you can watch it for free!) The haunting poster is also a winner, representing some of the better indie horror art styles of the past decade with a slight Plague Town vibe.

3. Spirit Camp
Kerry Beyer is responsible for one of the best-known horror films from Houston, and he's got the poster to back it up (Not that we didn't enjoy the character posters used as the header on the front page). Inspired by some of the classic posters for films like The Stepfather and April Fool's Day, you get a nice cocktail of sex appeal and imminent mayhem. Seriously, if you haven't seen this film, you need to.

2. Kids vs. Zombies
On a more lighthearted note is Courtney Sandifer's upcoming kids horror flick. Going with green instead of gore, it's like one of those old, cheesy Nickelodeon Halloween flicks, and frankly there just isn't enough of that sort of thing in the world any more. Since zombies have gone thoroughly mainstream, it's nice to see a local filmmaker relegating them to cheap bogeymen to be fought off by preteens. Man, I can't wait for this film.

1. Jacob
I'm not sure I've ever seen a poster I like more than Larry W. Carrell's Jacob. It's just beautiful. The hulking, mentally unsound Jacob holding the body of his poor sister, pursuing his grisly vengeance in tears as an angelic light follows him and bones rot in the foreground. It's an image that haunts you until to go see the film, and I believe it to be Houston's movie poster masterpiece.

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