7 Best Steampunk Halloween Costumes for Pets

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It's a terrible feeling, waking up and realizing that there's little over two months left until Halloween and you don't have the perfect steampunk costume for your pet. You panic, utterly unmanned by the thought of ridicule when you show up with an un-brass goggled cockapoo at the annual steampunk Halloween ball. Well, in all likelihood this isn't an huge concern for you, but just in case it is I am here to help you out.

Consider this fine dog ensemble from Ida and Sam of Ironic Embroidery. It's a stylish handmade cape and hat that can be custom fitted for dogs up to 50 pounds. Those are real gears, by the way, so you may not want buy this get up if you have a dog that eats every little thing.

A less hazardous bet would be this satin black top hat embellished with a matching white satin rose decoration and bow tie. More typical gentleman than gentleman inventor, it's still stylish and easy to put on. Ships from Canada, so American customers might inquire about shipping rates.

Perhaps the simplest and easiest steampunk accessory for your dog is this lovely knitted aviator cap from Jess at All You Need is Pug. These are custom made to order, so measuring your dog is a must, and allow three weeks for delivery. Once you get them, though, your buddy's head will be nice and cozy as you ride the cool air above the world in your zeppelin.

Honestly, there's not much to say about the design of this steampunk cat hat. It's a good example of the "Just glue some gears on it and call it steampunk" mentality.

Why I like this offering so much is that the seller actually realizes that putting a hat on a cat is pretty difficult, so detailed instructions and tips are provided near the bottom of the listing. Some of it is just common sense, but that can be a rare commodity for people that spend $32 trying to make Mr. Snuffles look like a character in a Cherie Priest novel.

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