11 People You See at Both Comic-Con and the Gathering of the Juggalos [Slightly NSFW]

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Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith and Keith Plocek

By Jennifer Swann, Abby Maddigan and Zachary Pincus-Roth

The last weekend of July saw both Comic-Con and Gathering of the Juggalos, a coincidence that not only ate up Internet bandwidth but also made clear that the two events are more similar than they may seem. Sure, one took place in the air conditioning of the San Diego Convention Center, and is so broad that it now encompasses everything from comic books to sci-fi to to sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory. The other, in an outdoor concert venue in Thornville, Ohio, was specifically for fans of the hip hop group Insane Clown posse, and the only vaguely Hollywood person there was Gilbert Gottfried.

But both are pilgrimages that give devotees a chance to feel a part of something greater than themselves. Both are "a place where I can find freaks just like me." Both feature costumes aplenty. The mentions of both awaken in your mom the same level of vague awareness.

From our multitude of photos -- and yes, both involve way too much photo-taking -- we found that each festival has the same kinds of people, visual proof that these two may be, if not brothers from another mother, at least estranged cousins from another grandmother.

Below are 11 people you see at both Gathering of the Juggalos (first photo) and Comic-Con (second photo). --Zachary Pincus-Roth

The Party Girl

Photo: Nate "Igor" Smith

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care. Or, you know, put on a bikini and flip off the world -- whichever makes you most comfortable.

Photo: Shannon Cotrell

The Terrifying Clown

Photo: Nate "Igor" Smith

There ain't no party like a clown party -- whether you're part of the Insane Clown Posse or just flying solo.

Photo: Keith Plocek

The Dude In Way Too Much Face Make-Up

Photo: Nate "Igor" Smith

These guys put their best face forward, and then proceeded to melt it off over the course of a sweaty festival.

Photo: Keith Plocek

The Girl Who Wigged Out

Photo: Nate "Igor" Smith

Do blondes have more fun? Not at these conventions.

Photo: Keith Plocek

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