Yes, the Female Thor Is a Gimmick. So?

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The world of comic fans is all a-ricking right now. Soon, Marvel will have a female Thor and a black Captain America. Sam Wilson as Cap isn't that much of a stretch, having been Cap's buddy for most of the hero's post WWII adventures, but the idea of a female-wielder of Mjolnir seems to be most upsetting to some.

Even though no less an authority than Politifact shows it's happened before.

Still, the common comment I see most often is derisive sneers and the sentence, "It's just a cheap gimmick." My response to that is, "Of course it's a cheap gimmick. It's a superhero comic book. All they are is cheap gimmicks."

Let's pause for a moment and consider what it means to be a hero in the Marvel universe. Take Peter Parker for example. He starts out his heroic life using his powers to enter pro-wrestling, literally the most gimmicky profession on the entire planet (Take it from someone that was once a professional wrestling mime, OK?). Then, after Uncle Ben blah blah blah he takes to the skies as the amazing Spider-man.

Why? Though?

Why does he need to be Spider-man at all? Why does he need a costume and brand recognition? Don't tell me it's to protect his loved ones because that has never, ever worked in the history of comics. There are one-handed crocodile handlers with better pattern recognition skills than most superheroes.

Peter Parker would best serve himself by keeping a ski mask and extra web cartridges in a fanny pack and wearing comfortable, non-descript clothes. There's danger? Boom, mask on and into battle he goes. Danger over? Now he's just a dude in sweat pants running away from super powered shenanigans.

The real reason he's Spider-man is so that people will pass a comic on a rack and go, "Dude, check it out. It's a spider-themed crimefighter." That's a sentence with as much artistic meaning as "Dude, check it out. He's a wrestling undertaker." Gimmicks sell comics.

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Jacob Bocanegra
Jacob Bocanegra

so was killing superman,breaking batmans back, killing capt america,making spiderman black/hispanic, and Marvel Zombies and printing comic book covers with foil and holograms...

Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz

Matthew Forse. Ha in your face.


Jason Aaron is writing it.. he could make Thor a mouse and it would still be awesome... wait... that does sound awesome :)

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@AgroWander Someone should get on that, yeah. Tiny Mouse Thor... little tiny hammer... this is a license to print moneys

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