10 Most Ridiculously Over-the-Top Guns in Video Games

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A strange off-shoot of my dislike of guns in real life is that I am a fanatic for ridiculous weaponry in video games. And sure, I'll love me a BFG, or a Gravity Gun. Maybe I've played through Resident Evil with the infinite ammo rocket launcher six times without a break and maybe I haven't,

However, those weapons can't truly satisfy my repressed need for guncentric overkill, but these most certainly can.

10. Land Shark Gun
Armed and Dangerous lives up to its name with all kinds of bizarre and destructive armaments, but nothing tops the Land Shark Gun. It does just what it says it does by firing a 20-foot Great White Shark that burrows through the soil and comes up under your target to devour them.

9. Cerebral Bore

People forget sometimes that despite being a Nintendo console the N64 had some really dark stuff going on sometimes. Like in Turok 2 for instance. Turok goes all Tall man on the dinosaurs with a brain-seeking flying drills that creates blood gushers in their freakin' skulls.

And then it explodes because of course it does.

8. Chicken Gun

The makers of Crysis Warfare decided to mess with pirates. If you boot up a pirated version of the game, all your bullets become chickens. So you just wander around firing an endless barrage of chickens, as do your enemies. The chickens do no damage, but they can destroy buildings. Despite the lack on in-game murder I am keeping it on the list in hopes someone will, one day, realize that we will pay through the nose to fire an ultimate chicken rifle that does actual damage.

7. Black Sheepinator
The Sheepinator is a recurring gun in the Ratchet and Clank series, and it's job is to turn enemies into sheep. That's fine as far as things go, but in Going Commando you could upgrade to the Black Sheepinator. It still turns enemies into sheep... but they explode after that. Now that's an upgrade.

6. Dubstep Gun
Only one game deserves to be listed twice in this article and it's Saint's Row IV. I've never figured out if this game is sincere or a parody of other games, but it sure has got you set for shooting people. Consider the Dubstep Gun... it fires dubstep, and then rains down more dubstep. Ridiculous? Not as bad as the...

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Wasn't there an damage causing chicken gun in Doom? 


@TexTaxAtty  Heretic (used the DOOM engine) had an item that turned monsters into Chickens.

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