No One's Dog at Diverse Works: A Heartbreaking Collection

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marypasicatanphotography Via Diverse Works Flickr page
Corridor Rescue, June 2014
As a Houstonian, it's difficult to ignore the plethora of homeless dogs roaming about the city. The actual number of strays, however, is staggering. Over a million homeless animals call the Houston streets home. In fact, in a 2010 Health of Houston Survey, it was stated that strays are considered the No. 1 neighborhood problem in the city. It is with this in mind, that Diverse Works, Barrio Dogs and Box 13 have collaborated on a new exhibition, No One's Dog.

The show, which opened this past Saturday at the Diverse Works gallery, is a "community based" project that aims to shine a light on the city's stray issue. The three organizations put out an open call for community members to upload high-resolution photos of homeless or hurt dogs. Additionally, Barrio Dogs staff passed out 30 disposable cameras to residents of the East End, including children. The results were more than 100 photos of the desperate situation. Diverse Works chose the photos that they felt best encapsulated the issue, printed them and these images are currently on display through August 9.

A word of warning: The exhibition is not for the faint of heart. Animal lover or not, there is no way that this collection won't grab your heartstrings and tug them the hell out of your chest. I found myself tearing up multiple times. Many of the photos are haunting, some even difficult to look at. Emaciated dogs, broken down, hiding in shadows, alone in fields are some of the moments captured by the various participants of the project. Despite the subject matter being tough, the photos themselves are stunning; an odd surprise given they were taken by amateurs - and some are even very young amateurs.

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Ericka Garcia
Ericka Garcia

Very sad. Spaying and neutering is a must. All those babies with no help. Really made me cry.

Michele LovesDogs
Michele LovesDogs

Very difficult to see, but people need to see and understand the epidemic of homeless and dumped dogs in Houston. I hope this collection opens eyes and kicks people into action vs the typical reaction of simply looking the other way. This animals need our help! The communities saturated in this problem must be educated about spaying and neutering their pets. It takes a village!!!


This is definitely a MUST see exhibition. Thanks a lot for covering it!

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animal are treated."

~Mahatma Gandhi

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