5 Small Towns Near Houston Perfect for Shopping Day Trips

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It is time to get out of town and give the credit card a workout.
Wanna get away? More specifically, wanna get away and shop?

As the summer barrels on, the idea of throwing caution to the wind, gassing up the car and hitting the road sounds more and more appealing. The great thing is, Houston is within driving distance of numerous charming small towns, many of which have great shopping perfect for a fashionable day trip.

As for your itinerary, I'm thinking a quick stop at your favorite coffee place before heading out, then a full morning of shopping first thing when you arrive, lunch at a local hot spot, more shopping, then a quick snack before heading back. If you can squeeze in a little sight seeing, then great, but let's not get too off track.

So call the girls, rent an SUV (you'll need the cargo space) and make your way to one of these neighboring towns brimming with great buys.


Photo courtesy of www.beaumontcvb.com
Sometimes known as the city you drive through to get to the Texas/Louisiana border, Beaumont boasts some serious shopping, especially for those looking for a little antiquing. Check out the Calder Avenue corridor for stores like French flea market inspired Urban Habitat, a dose of artistic flair at The Tattered Suitcase, or antique emporium Finder's Fayre in the historic Mildred Building downtown. Not in mood for antiquing, visit Ella + Scott for contemporary fashion.


Photo courtesy of Austex via Wikimedia Commons
You may be saying, George who?! The small town just North of Austin is a mere two hours and 30 minutes from Houston and has a thriving downtown shopping scene. For work from local artists visit Pink Poppy ARTisans Boutique and The Co-op 78626 on West 8th. Stop by Georgetown Winery to buy (drink) some good ole' Texas wine.

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Emily Segall
Emily Segall

Twig M. Leveque we should do one of these on the way to San Marcos!

Elizabeth Austin Haynes
Elizabeth Austin Haynes

Lindsey & Kristyn - they sound great but really some of them should be overnight trips!

Ann Stock
Ann Stock

Laura Nava sounds good to me. Get your notebook out and plan our itinerary!

Laura Nava
Laura Nava

Ann Stock we need to check these out

Roxy Almaraz Syler
Roxy Almaraz Syler

Georgetown is our hometown !! Grew up there , we were just home July 4th weekend


Round Top is another fun spot for antiques, local art, live music, and great food.


what can you get in those towns you can 't get in Houston? Every town has an antique store. 

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