10 Most Pointless Things Hidden in Video Games

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Pretty much every video game these days is going to sneak in an Easter Egg or two...or in the case of Borderlands 2, they occasionally sneak in a game between all the Easter Eggs. There's a difference, though, between dropping in a Doctor Who joke and these ten hidden treasures. For the most part, they defy all explanation and in all cases are bloody useless on top of that.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
It's a pretty well known fact that if you dive down to the very bottom of the pool in the Lakeside Laboratory, there is a motionless shark behind a set of bars. It's crudely drawn, does nothing and cannot be interacted with in any way. There's a theory that it's a joke by Nintendo about not supporting use of the GameShark cheat devices, which would among other things disable use of the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak. Speaking of Zelda...

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Going up instead of down in the sequel, Link can find a paper airplane on top of the south-easternmost pillar in the Castle of Ikana courtyard. Again, you can't pick it up or do anything with it, and this time there are no real theories as to why it's there. It may seem weird to have paper airplanes in a land where there aren't airplanes of any kind, but bear in mind that everyone from Da Vinci to the Wright Brothers based ideas on ancient paper gliders. Maybe the same will be true in Hyrule.

Halo 3
There are three cavemen who can be found hidden off the beaten path in the Sierra 117 level of Halo 3. The first is left of the jungle entrance where Sergeant Johnson's Pelican is downed. Navigate through the jungle to find a caveman family. You can also find a lone caveman on a cliff through your sniper rifle scope where you actually rescue Johnson. The cavemen are a private joke by creative art director Marcus Lehto, who is notorious for Easter Egg jokes. All the cavemen bear his face, and will bleed if you shoot them.

Earthworm Jim 2
Throughout the course of playing Earthworm Jim 2, you come across the Bubble Gun. It's useless. Intentionally useless. This fact did not stop me from wasting Allah alone knows how many lives trying to find the situation that clearly called for a bubble gun. That's to say nothing of how many times you die frantically cycling through your weapons and stumbling across this one by accident right before you're killed.

Grand Theft Auto 4
GTA games are full of all kinds of weird stuff that does nothing more than make you wonder what the hell they pump into the air in the design room. For me, though, nothing tops the baby stroller found on the beach under Dukes Expressway in GTA4. It's not the only stroller in the game, but considering the game does not have and never has had children scripted into it, the presence of any stroller is very puzzling. Some players say that if you shoot the stroller, a voice can be heard screaming "Mommy!"

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