Vacation Porn: The 10 Remote Beaches We Want to Spend Our Summer On

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Stuck in the office, dreaming of the dog days of summer? Well, how about a little vacation porn to tide you over.

Don't worry, it's safe for work. It just may not be safe for your wallet, should you get dragged too far into those beach fantasies. So hold on to your pocketbooks, folks, and indulge yourself in the world of remote beaches.

If this list happens to tempt you enough to book a flight to the far reaches of Cambodia or Chile, just make sure you save room in your suitcases for us to stow away. We want to go too.


Photo by Kelsie DiPerna via flickr

10. Hana, Hawaii
Hana is located in Maui County, but the area is miles away from the other tourist-heavy destinations in Hawaii. With a population of just over 1,200 people, Hana is one of the most uninhabited areas in Hawaii, which is awesome for creating those once in a lifetime adventures. The pristine beaches are never overcrowded, and the sparse population of the area leaves it just the right amount of desolate to feel like it's all your own.

The area isn't all about those immaculate emerald-watered beaches, though. Hana is home to Pi'i-lani Temple, the largest temple in Hawaii, and there are a number of gorgeous gardens and beaches just waiting to be gawked at.

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9. Motu Teta, Tahiti
So if we're going to dream away the day with thoughts of gorgeous beaches, why not go all in? After all, Motu Teta would be an ideal place for us to laze the days away, considering it's a private island and all. Tahiti is amazing, but what's even more amazing is renting an entire nine-acre island off Tahiti, complete with those perfect little open-air guest rooms facing the island's lagoons. There are lush gardens, snorkeling and kayaking, and even a private chef. And the best part? The entire place will be all your own.

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8. Cooper Island & Salt Island, British Virgin Islands
Cooper Island is a tiny island in the BVI's that is home to a handful of private residences and Cooper Island Beach Club. It's absolutely pristine, and is an idea spot for divers, thanks to its close proximity to "wreck alley," a popular dive site where a number of vessels have been deliberately sunk to create conditions that are prime for diving.

Salt Island, on the other hand, is extremely close to the wreckage from RMS Rhone, a Royal Mail packet steamer that went under in 1867, and is now one of the best sites to dive in the Caribbean. There really aren't any people living on the island -- the last population count was at a whopping three people -- so it truly is a deserted island in all senses. And that means it's perfect for our office daydreaming.

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I want to go to Tahiti.  I have been to Nicaragua's Corn Island.  You are correct in saying it wouldn't be someone's first choice (including mine) I went by default.  My dad is from Managua,  The beaches there are beautiful and breathtaking.  Definitely worth the trip there.  I'm leaving for Cancun in a week, my suitcase is full though. 


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