The 10 Best Places to Take a Selfie in Houston

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Photo by Derrek Barlow
This is not the kind of selfie we encourage you to take.
Everybody loves selfies...or hates them...or says they are bad for you...or dies in car wrecks snapping them...or gathers a bunch of celebrities at the Academy Awards to create the most popular one of all time. Whatever the case, everyone knows what they are and has an opinion about them. And let's be honest, before cell phones, no one took selfies (well, except these two ladies) and now, pretty much everyone does. Hell, Instagram is basically a service for delivering selfies to the masses.

But, what if you live in Houston? There aren't a ton of celebrities lurking and, as we've been told many times before, this isn't exactly a super attractive place. Where can one go to snap a photo of him or herself that is classic Houston? And we purposefully didn't include events. If you have to wait for one moment every year like a marathon, Summerfest, the Pride Houston or Art Car Parades or even the Renaissance Festival (selfie with a busty wench FTW!), it's too much work. This should be a snapshot you can get pretty much anytime you want. Here are some suggestions.

10. At an Astros Game inside Minute Maid Park.

This sort of breaks our rule right off the bat, but the Astros play 80-plus games a year spanning six months, so this is worth the minimal effort. And it isn't like the Astros suck any more. They are damn near mediocre, which is remarkable considering where they came from. Our recommendation is a shot from the Crawford Boxes with the field behind you, but be careful to watch out for fly balls or you'll end up like this reporter.

9. With an art car.

Given the fact that Houston has one of the oldest and largest art car scenes in the world, it is only fitting that you stride alongside the Jesus Christ Monkey Car or one of the other dozens of adorned vehicles for a self portrait of you and one of Houston's famed rides.

8. On the Sabine Street bridge with the skyline in the background.

Probably the most iconic shot of downtown Houston is from Elanor Tinsley Park on the west side of the city's urban center. Our skyline is killer and you should have at least one pic on your phone of you looking like you are standing smack dab in the middle of a postcard from H-Town. The best way to do that is to skip the park and head for the red brick bridge just east of the park. It is a perfect spot to show off your pride for your city via selfie.

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