The Best of the "Topless Tour" Trend on Instagram


Traveling to an exotic locale is awesome. There are new experiences, new foods, and new cultures, all at your fingertips. Or apparently your nipples. Well, if you're part of the new Topless Tour trend, anyway.

The brainchild of three college roommates, The Topless Tour is a social media movement meant to "unite people across the globe to feel the freedom and share their beauty with the world." So what does that mean? Well, precisely what it sounds like: The Topless Tour encourages people to go on a topless tour.

Women (and men -- it's equal opportunity nakedness 'round these parts) who feel inspired by the movement are welcome to take off their tops while traveling and pose, backs to the camera, in front of the phenomenal backdrops they encounter. The photos are sent over to the women at The Topless Tour, who post them to Instagram and Facebook for all to see.

Sounds scary and revealing? Well, it's not. Not from the look of the photos, anyway.

While the idea of baring your back for the camera may be intimidating, it's obvious that the women in the photos find the experience quite liberating. Young or old, bodies of all types are being bared in the middle of nowhere, in climates we'd hardly stick our toe out in.

And if people -- especially women -- are willing to brave the cold to be liberated, we are all freakin' about it.

With a movement this body positive, we could hardly pass up the chance to spread the photo love. Here are the five best Topless Tour photos so far. And no, you probably can't top them. But we'd love for you to try.


Jumping on top of some crazy rugged terrain in the middle of the wilderness seems like a pretty boss feat to take on all by itself. But when you factor in the lack of, well, support, it becomes a very very boss feat. This woman is a jumpy, flexible inspiration to us all.

And really, the photo is freaking beautiful. Nature photos, au natural. What could be more liberating?

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