The 10 Best Nerd-Themed Instructibles for Your Crafty Side

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Hey, so are you obsessed with all things geek? Good. So are we.

We love geek culture, from Avatar "A" to Zelda "Z." In fact, we love nerdy nerd stuff so much that we wanted to know how to create our own nerd paraphernalia. Luckily, Instructables, the old school website full of, well, instructions on how to craft cool stuff, was around to school us on just how to do such a thing.

But as awesome as Instructables can be, digging around for crafty nerd projects can become quite the task. After all, there are projects on everything from "how to finger-knit a shawl" to "how to bling out a cat house," which makes uncovering those instructions on how to make Dr Who canvas shoes quite the task.

No worries, though. We dug around for you to find the 10 best nerd-themed crafts on Instructables. If this doesn't bring out your inner pocket-protector-lover, we're not sure what will.

Nerd away, folks. Everyone needs a Game Of Thrones dragon egg, right?

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10. Monster Egg Pendant
We don't know what you'd need a monster egg pendant for, or why, but if you've ever wanted to throw together something as awesome as a tiny monster peeking out of an egg -- on a pendant, no less -- well, then this is the Instructable for you. That wee little monster really is kind of cute, isn't he, with those big ol' metallic eyes and all? We'd totally rock this pendant, even if we're unsure of what it is we're actually reppin'. We're brave like that.

9. Laser Crown
There are so many nerdy uses for a laser crown -- like so many uses! -- but ultimately, those uses are up to you to decide. Want to jazz up your Princess Peach costume, or perhaps add a bit of pizzaz to that Zelda costume? Well, who's stopping you now that you've got a fancy laser crown to do just that? No one, that's who. You'll be the queen -- or king -- of the nerdy nerd prom when you throw this glowing beacon on top of that already legit costume. Unstoppable? That's you.

8. Super Mario Rhinestone Cuff
Nothing is cooler than Super Mario, unless of course it's Super Mario in bling, and then it's almost too cool for life. And that's exactly what is happening here -- this Super Mario cuff is fancier than fancy, what with its rhinestones bling-bling-blindin' and all -- which means you should totally wear it to those gamer tournaments you're prone to attending. It'll literally blind the competition. Not that you needed any help, mind you. We think you're plenty shiny already.

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