Pop Rocks: Short Shorts and Skirts Cause Problems, Apparently

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In the other tale of the too-short clothing, a teen in Montreal was suspended because she refused to change her shorts, which didn't conform to the dress code because of the finger tip rule. In retaliation, she hung posters that said, "Don't humiliate her because she is wearing shorts. It's hot outside. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects."

Frankly, she has a point. Her shorts are not an issue except for hormonal boys. And even so, are the administrators so afraid of her legs and the damage they might do to young boys, she must be reprimanded?

It really does speak to a much larger issue and that is the cavernous difference between how men and women view each other's bodies. Is it true that women should be able to wear anything they want without fear? Absolutely. Can they? Probably not.

This is not the fault of women, which is part of what makes the #YesAllWomen hashtag commentary so fascinating, despite what some would like to believe. This is a man problem, a problem with us. When we can't control ourselves, we create the problem, or exacerbate it at the very least. If we can't walk down the street without catcalling someone, that's simply a lack of control, not an indictment of the object of our lurid affection.

This reminds me of when someone is robbed and the first thing they are asked is, "Were your doors locked?" Why should that even be a question. If I want to leave my damn doors wide open and all my most expensive belongings within eyeshot of the street, NO ONE has the right to walk in and take them.

For these two girls, they are the proverbial open door and the leering boys (or fathers - ack!) are the criminals walking by. Instead of fighting with them over the length of their clothing, try telling boys who are staring to mind their own damn business and be more respectful of the women around them.

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Veronica Carr
Veronica Carr

Wow this is 180 degrees different that when Houston Press published Willie D's advice to dads so their daughters don't dress like "sluts".

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