Oh, What the Hell; Let's Kill off Even More TV Characters

4. Vince - Mike & Molly
This slot is interchangeable with any character from any Chuck Lorre sitcom. Pick one and run with it, I just went with Vince because of all the trite, one-liner spouting caricatures on any of these shows, horny old people are always the most annoying.

How He Should Kick the Bucket: Catastrophic blood loss after a Viagra overdose causes his penis to explode.

3. Joe Carroll - The Following
Let's be clear; Carroll might very well deserve to die simply because he's a serial killer with a cult that commits heinous deeds in his name, but his greater crime is using such derivative influences. Edgar Allan Poe? The Bible? Who's on tap for season 3? Jane Austen? Curious George?

How He Should Kick the Bucket: Walled up alive in the basement of the Poe Museum.

2. Tig - Sons of Anarcy
I may not take issue with some of the things SAMCRO's most violent member has done on the show (drowning a torture porn director in a tub of urine when he threatened to put Tig's daughter in one of his movies ... I can get behind that), but his unceasingly volatile behavior has been one of the few consistent aspect of a show that crossed the line from "implausible" to "are you fucking kidding me?" three seasons ago.

And he should probably pay for that time he killed Opie's wife.

How He Should Kick the Bucket: Re-creating Fonzie's shark jump.

1. Carl - The Walking Dead
It's way past time. Look at Rick's face; even he wants him dead at this point.

How He Should Kick the Bucket: Disemboweled while in the throes of a pudding binge.

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Andrew Castillo
Andrew Castillo

I'd agree with Carl, but let's just kill him off by letting him stay in the house. Or wherever they are.

Veronica Carr
Veronica Carr

it's realistic and she was a crappy character anyways.

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