James Franco Teaching Online Film Class -- How to Get His Attention

4. Make of Fun of Him
Franco enjoys being the center of attention, but he can also take some fun poking at his expense. He proved his good sense of humor during the Franco Comedy Central Roast that he organized. Additionally, in This Is the End, he played right into the rumors that not only is he gay, but he in love with Seth Rogan.

Try your hand at a comedic script about an actor turn artist turn student turn writer turn director turn Broadway actor turn teacher who is not Franco but sounds like him and is high all the time, but he keeps stepping in poop wherever he goes. Literally stepping in poop.

3. Use His Writing
Franco has written a collection of short work entitled Palo Alto, which was published by Scribner in 2010. The book got mixed reviews; on the whole the criticism was that it was well-written but had little substance. Who cares! Take one of his stories and turn it into an 8-minute script. You should probably credit him. Or not, he did, after all, stand up for Shia Labeouf's plagiarism in the New York Times, so maybe he will be into yours.

2. Instagram It
Franco's latest headlines, aside from taking the stage in a Broadway production of Of Mice and Men, have been due to his behavior on Instagram. He's been taking shirtless photos of himself, in addition to pictures of cats with James Franco scarves on and, oh yeah, then he tried to hook up with a 17-year-old Scottish girl.

Maybe a screen play about a couple who meets over the photo-social media site or, even better, about a creepy older actor who tries to pick up girls via the app and gets caught by the police and claims it was for art.

1. Go Totally Weird
Franco comes off as a real weirdo sometimes. Whether it's in real life, he had a reoccurring role on General Hospital, or as an actor, he's known to take on some very bizarre roles. One of my favorites was when he played himself on 30 Rock and he was in love with a giant anime body pillow named Kimikotan.

Franco is also well-read and a cinephile, so you might impress him with a weirdo, neo-something, avante garde, throwback type of script. Basically, write a script about nothing that involves people screaming and crows. That'll get his attention.

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