James Franco Teaching Online Film Class -- How to Get His Attention

Wake up, dude. You are teaching this course not taking.
In case you thought James Franco didn't have enough going on in his life, what with his acting, performance art, painting, getting multiple degrees from Ivy league schools, building houses for homeless children in the Tundra, - nah, I made that last one up, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did - he is now teaching an online Skillshare course.

Skillshare is a website where people of all shapes and sizes share their skills. Duh. The courses range from writing to computer programming to just about everything in between. How you become a skill-sharer I do not know, but having taken a course, I will say that for its inexpensive cost, $20 - 30 and its easy pace, it's worth it to learn something new.

What skill will James Franco be sharing? Screenwriting for short film, of course, because you knew he did that too, right? According to the class description:

"I've been involved in the world of film since 2007 - acting, directing, producing, writing and teaching. In 2005 I started Rabbit Bandini Productions with my former acting school classmate, Vince Jolivette. Together we've produced upwards of 40 films, running the gamut from dramas to comedies; feature-length films to shorts."

An Online Skillshare Class by James Franco

The course consists of putting together an eight-minute script, which your peers will judge and give feedback. The more "likes" you get for your script, the better the odds that Franco will read it. The top 10 most liked projects will get the once over from Franco and Jolivette, and they will announce their favorite three. One of these projects will get a 1-on-1 with the two filmmakers.

So your odds are pretty slim. As of this post, there are 2,000 students taking the course.
Because you're bored today, let's just pretend you took the course and your script made it into the top 10. How then do you get Franco's attention? I've got five ideas for you.

5. Go Totally Meta
Franco has claimed that some of his wacko stunts are pure performance art, whether that's true or not, who knows. Regardless, if you can be completely meta, this might grab him by the balls. Write a screenplay about yourself taking a Skillshare class where James Franco is your teacher and he picks your script out of the top 10. In the end, you win the one-on-one time with him and you tell him the meaning of life. Guess what Franco, want to know the meaning of life? Pick this script.

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