3 Horrible Truths Pro-Vaccination People Have to Admit

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Jonas Salk
First off, let me be absolutely clear here. I am extremely pro-vaccination because they work and work well. Contrary to the links you'll find in comments at the end of this story there is no scientific debate on that subject. Widespread vaccination is the best way to combat some of the most contagious and dangerous diseases that used to make living into a healthy adulthood much less likely in any given community. My daughter is fully vaccinated.

That said, there's something that I need to get off my chest, and that is that yes, the anti-vaccination crowd is indeed right about a few things. Not many things, and even the things that they are right about are often overblown because humans are very bad with statistics. Still, there are some hard, uncomfortable facts that need to be admitted if people on the side of vaccinations are not going to be labeled as hypocrites.

Vaccines Aren't 100 Percent Safe And Sometimes Kids are Badly Hurt By Them
Nobody with any real credibility will ever be caught claiming that vaccines are perfectly safe. They aren't anymore than aspirin or peanut butter are perfectly safe. Humans are a hugely diverse group and we all have our different sensitivities. There are kids out there right now that can walk away from medications that might kill another.

There are cases of the DTaP vaccine causing permanent brain damage and seizures. Same from the MMR. That's not something I'm picking up from Natural News or another woo-tastic den of misinformation. That's the Centers for Disease Control. These cases are extremely rare, affecting maybe one out of a million children at most, but they do occasionally happen.

The horrible truth that we pro-vaccination people have to admit is that we are OK with those children being hurt in the name of wiping out more common ailments. It's a numbers game, and while I would rather have one child out of a million severely impaired than thousands walking with rubella causing birth defects in pregnant women, I'm not sure the woman with that impaired child will agree with me.

Cartoon by Mike Adams of Natural News
We Care About Our Safety More Than Your Freedom
America loves its freedom. Often the word itself is used as the end of an argument. Freedom is supposed to triumph over tyranny and anything else is fascism. I actually have friends whose sole reason for not vaccinating has nothing to do with science and everything to do with "you can't make me!"

And yes, forcing everyone in a country to inject a medicine into their children that has a rare, but definite chance of causing moderate to severe reactions in order to participate in public schooling is definitely taking your freedom away. It really, really is, and while I lament that it must be so it's literally the only way that herd immunity works.

The horrible truth that we pro-vaccination people have to admit is that your rights to not be vaccinated simply don't matter as much to us as our rights to have a lot fewer cases of measles. All state-sponsored safety protocols are despotic to a degree, and it's time to stop being embarrassed about it.

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Jessica Westberg Goyer
Jessica Westberg Goyer

I'm commenting as both; a young mom whom has an amazing child with autism, and a pediatric ER nurse who took care of an unvaccinated child with HIB meningitis. I am and will always be pro vaccinations! The advancements and progress made with vaccinations has limited the cons by great numbers! Please vaccinate!


Well said. You have to look at the total outcome of each alternative (and the fairness of the impact on people). Not vaccinating fails on both counts, since more people died from unchecked contagious diseases, and the non-vaccination people are relying on the fact that everyone else undergoes it.


One of my FB acquaintances believes vaccinations are a dangerous government conspiracy. She also believes pot can cure cancer, which is really nuts. But since she thinks medical science is all false and evil and stuff, I'm not sure how she would ever know if she had cancer before it killed her anyway. I'm assuming she smokes a ton of weed and assumes she'll never get cancer. 

johnnybench topcommenter

I don't find any of those truths horrible.  

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@Anse That is the most American paragraph ever written ;)

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