Rest of the Best: 10 Best Places to Go-Kart

Hey, Mario Kart 8 is out and that means there's no real reason for any person to go outside except to acquire food for a good long while. But kids, did you know that go-karts are a real thing that you can totally go and do for real? I mean, there are no blue shells involved, but go-kart racing is all over Houston. Want to try it out? Check out...

10. Gulf Coast Karters
29726 Stockdick Road

I'm ranking GCK so low because it's really a class by itself and shouldn't really be compared to the others on this list. Located in Katy, this track is the closest thing you'll actually get to Mario Kart. The track is nearly a mile long and can be run clockwise and counterclockwise for variety. It was totally repaved in 2003 with specially designed karting asphalt, so the ride is smooth and safe. So what's wrong with it?

Nothing, except that it's a professional motorsport track. You need a $300 yearly membership to join and you bring your own kart and pit crew. Alternatively, you can go watch the races for $5, which makes it pretty cheap for a spectator motorsport. Oh, and you have to be 18 to join. So unless you're more of a watcher than a driver or have the sort of money to plug into an expensive tiny car GCK probably isn't for you. If those do apply to you, though, it's the best.

9. Zuma Fun Center
6767 Southwest Freeway

Zuma doesn't specialize in karting, and it shows. Some of the karts are in desperate need of attention and actually require push starts from attendants. The course is also nothing special. That said, it is centrally located and there is a lot to do at Zuma if you want to make karting just part of a day out. Also, $21.99 for three hours of unlimited golf, karting, and mini-golf isn't a bad deal.

8. Mountasia
17190 State Hwy 249

Mountasia got a new go-kart fleet a few years back and that really helped improve the quality of the racing. It's also the most picturesque tracks to drive through with some great elevation changes. It's more expensive than Zuma, but if you've got little kids that are too young to kart by themselves the $10 passenger pass is a pretty good deal. Stay out of the game room, though. The games take a ridiculous amount of tokens. If you want a good, cheap game room Chuck E. Cheese is down the street almost within walking distance.

7. MSR Houston
1 Performance Drive

It should really be called MSR Angelton, so we're talking another drive, but you won't regret this one. It's another professional track like GCK above, but with some very important distinctions. First off, they have rental karts, and while $25 for a 15-minute session (3 for $65) isn't cheap these are the fastest karts you can rent in the city. You will definitely get your money's worth. Second, kids as young as nine can rent karts. You can also purchase a membership for a third of what GCK's costs, but the deal isn't as good as you still have to pay $15 per session.

6. Bay Area Raceway
3825 Gulf Freeway

It's all the way down in Dickinson, but don't let that stop you. The carts are fast and well-cared for, and they go out of their way to be especially friendly and accommodating for birthday parties. Another perk? They have a fantastic game room with well maintained cabinets and lots of good ticket games.

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Location Info


Speedy's Fast Track

11440 Hempstead Road, Houston, TX

Category: General

Zuma Fun Center

6767 SW Freeway, Houston, TX

Category: General

Bay Area Raceway

3825 Gulf Freeway, Dickinson, TX

Category: General

Go-Kart Raceway

2800 W. Mount Houston Road, Houston, TX

Category: General

Pole Position Raceway

12522 Old Galveston Road, Webster, TX

Category: General

K1 Speed

14900 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX

Category: General


17190 State Highway 249, Houston, TX

Category: General

MSR Houston

1 Performance Drive, Angleton, TX

Category: General

Gulf Coast Karters

29726 Stockdick Road, Katy, TX

Category: General

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These go karts look like so much fun.  My family is planning a big family reunion and it seems like go karts would be a fun activity.  This seems like a good activity that all age levels would enjoy.  I had no idea that you could actually go someone and have the opportunity to drive a go kart.


Great article very interesting! Also check out this website dedicated to the wonderful sport that is Karting 


Do any of these places have carts with room for big fellows?  

6'1, 300lbs, big guy, no real big belly.


I had the absolute best time at Speedy's a couple of months ago. It started raining while we were racing karts and everybody went bananas trying to keep 'em straight. How we got out of there without having a horrendous crash is beyond me. Major props to the guys working the track for not forcing us off when the rain started coming down. 

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