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See? That fan one was much better than the official one.

This Will Be Peter Capaldi's Only Season
Calculating how long an actor is The Doctor on average is difficult. Both the exceptionally long reign of Tom Baker and short reigns of McGann and Eccleston throw the curve way off. A better take is the median. Most Doctors hold the role for three or four seasons. It's known as the Troughton rule because it was the advice Patrick Troughton usually gave to later Doctors.

The Mirror reported earlier this year that Capaldi had followed Eccleston's path and signed on for only a single season of the show. While reporter Richard Beech freely admits to having been tricked by Moffat's handling of press information before, he has apparently received this information from fairly reliable sources within the show. It's not that unusual for an actor, especially a high in demand one like Capaldi, to re-sign a contract every new season, so even if it's true it doesn't necessarily mean Capaldi is planning to leave after he's finished.

It would honestly be very disappointing. When the classic show reached its ten-year mark we were only on our third Doctor. If we get a new one in 2015 the revived show will have gone through twice that amount in the same time.

Jack the Ripper Will Be The First Episode Villain
The Daily Mail managed to snap some shots that indicate The Doctor and Clara will be traveling to 1888 London to deal with a cybernetically enhanced Jack the Ripper. This slightly conflicts with the events of "A Good Man Goes to War" where Madame Vastra says that she has found Jack and eaten him. The Clockwork Men are also rumored to make a return this season, so it's possible that there is more than one Jack running around.

Robots of Sherwood
Filming for what is believed to be the third episode of the season took place at Caerphilly Castle in Wales. The open location allowed for a lot of pictures snapped and plenty of rumors to spring up. Currently it's believed to involve Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham (Played by Tom Riley and Ben Miller respectively) and some sort of robotic knights. The script come from Mark Gatiss, currently the heavy favorite to replace Steven Moffat as show-runner. More pics can be found here.

The Master Will be the Big Bad
After the events of "Time of the Doctor" the return of The Master (And presumably Rassilon as well) is all but certain. With Gallifrey no longer time locked and destroyed, but instead held in a pocket universe it we know that both Time Lords are still kicking about.

It's more than just speculation, though. Some filming for Season 8 is being done at Lanzarote, which was the location used for one of the most famous Master stories "Planet of Fire". Of course it was also used for "Fires of Pompeii", and the main rumor is that whatever episode was being filmed will be used to explain why the Twelfth Doctor looks like Capaldi's character from that episode. On the other hand, that could just be a smokescreen.

Then there's the word of Sylvester McCoy, who tweeted that he had been told who was playing The Master in the new season after attending the Newcastle Film and Comic Con. If true, it will be interesting to see how we'll reconcile The Master's heroic self-sacrifice during "The End of Time" with his traditionally villainous role. I guess we'll find out on a couple of months.

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Vastra never said she stopped Jack alone, and we never saw her initial meeting of the Doctor.  After the whole River Saga, is it out of sorts that another ally would meet a future Doctor before assisting 11 at Demons Run?

I'm glad if we do see more Clockworks, as many forget they were simply wearing those costumes for effect to blend in and can really be disguised in any number of outfits, like the Autons.  I used both in my Albion fanfic as foot soldiers.  We've only seen Autons twice in the new series, Rose and Pandorica, why haven't they popped up more? Or as often as Cyber/Daleks get to?


I really hope they don't do the Master again. I'm burnt out on the Master (and Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels). There are so many other Time Lords they could bring back - my vote is the Rani or Rassilon. Or whomever that woman was that helped Wilf in the End of Time episodes. Or invent some new Time Lord to help or hinder the Doctor.

Also, I support Gastiss replacing Moffat. BBC please do this ASAP.



-River turns up pregnant and won't reveal which Doctor is the father.

-Phil Glenister joins the cast in a recurring role and..
-in the finale, the Simm-Master returns, but is mortally wounded and escapes, only to possess Glenister, unbeknownst to the Doctor.

-River reveals she had a daughter, and hid her away with a friend to protect her. The final moments has camera pan over her diary to reveal a photograph/sketch...of Sarah Jane!

-Jackie Tyler Returns.

-...and is revealed as the secret lovechild of Sarah and Harry.

-Peter Tyler learns he was the secret lovechild of Ian and Barbara, from before they met Susan.

- Craig Owens returns as the secret lover of Jack Harkness.

-We learn that the Big Bang II reset the universe so COE (and MD!!) never happened and only Owen died in Torchwood, not Tosh or I-Candy.

-in a near-future ep, we learn Alfie/Stormageddon and Anwen are dating.

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