Doctor Who: A Series 8 Rumor Round-Up

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Yes, it's a fan trailer. I don't care. It's brilliant!

In addition to being my favorite show of all time, Doctor Who has re-introduced me to something I'd forgotten I loved since back in the day when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the air. Namely, rumors. I love trolling the internet for glimpses of things to come.

With August still painfully two months away I thought I'd dig for some of the most badass possibilities that has been mentioned or leaked so far. Possible spoilers ahead, but possibly not. Here's what we may know about the first round of Peter Capaldi's adventures in the Tardis.

The Return of River Song
Alex Kingston's last appearance as a data ghost in "The Name of the Doctor" seems to put her likelihood of continuing to be a part of the show fairly low. However, with time travel you can't rule anything out. Steven Moffat himself has said there's no reason not to bring River back if a proper story calls for it, but also said in the same interview that he's happy with the ending he's given her so far. On the other hand, Alex Kingston apparently believes there is more River coming.

The Return of the War Doctor
John Hurt's brilliant performance as the lost incarnation of The Doctor between McGann and Eccleston was widely praised after the 50th anniversary special. Still, no one really expects to see the 74-year-old actor return to expand on his performance. Perhaps a younger man will portray the initial regeneration briefly seen in "Night of the Doctor", but Hurt? I doubt it.

Or maybe not. Hurt sent a since deleted tweet congratulating Peter Capaldi on his casting, and hinting that he looked forward to working with him on the show. Granted, that is flimsy evidence, but between the War Doctor's upcoming novel and his gradually increasing appearances in comics it's possible that Hurt may not be as finished as we thought.

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Vastra never said she stopped Jack alone, and we never saw her initial meeting of the Doctor.  After the whole River Saga, is it out of sorts that another ally would meet a future Doctor before assisting 11 at Demons Run?

I'm glad if we do see more Clockworks, as many forget they were simply wearing those costumes for effect to blend in and can really be disguised in any number of outfits, like the Autons.  I used both in my Albion fanfic as foot soldiers.  We've only seen Autons twice in the new series, Rose and Pandorica, why haven't they popped up more? Or as often as Cyber/Daleks get to?


I really hope they don't do the Master again. I'm burnt out on the Master (and Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels). There are so many other Time Lords they could bring back - my vote is the Rani or Rassilon. Or whomever that woman was that helped Wilf in the End of Time episodes. Or invent some new Time Lord to help or hinder the Doctor.

Also, I support Gastiss replacing Moffat. BBC please do this ASAP.



-River turns up pregnant and won't reveal which Doctor is the father.

-Phil Glenister joins the cast in a recurring role and..
-in the finale, the Simm-Master returns, but is mortally wounded and escapes, only to possess Glenister, unbeknownst to the Doctor.

-River reveals she had a daughter, and hid her away with a friend to protect her. The final moments has camera pan over her diary to reveal a photograph/sketch...of Sarah Jane!

-Jackie Tyler Returns.

-...and is revealed as the secret lovechild of Sarah and Harry.

-Peter Tyler learns he was the secret lovechild of Ian and Barbara, from before they met Susan.

- Craig Owens returns as the secret lover of Jack Harkness.

-We learn that the Big Bang II reset the universe so COE (and MD!!) never happened and only Owen died in Torchwood, not Tosh or I-Candy.

-in a near-future ep, we learn Alfie/Stormageddon and Anwen are dating.

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