Rest of the Best: 10 Best UFO Sightings in Houston

3. January 2013, Webster: Most UFO and alien sightings are little more than distant flashes of light, but one witness saw something massive over I-45 early last year. The anonymous witness submitted his experience to MUFON, describing the craft he spotted as a black triangle 300 feet long. As an Examiner article on the subject quotes...

It was very large, maybe a football field long. It moved directly over my car and the others heading northeast. From underneath it was a solid black triangle with the top being at the back of the craft. At this point, I had rolled down my windows and heard no sound other than that of the other cars, typical rolling tire noise.

After attempting to retrieve a camera from his home, the witness found the craft gone.

2. December 2005, Houston: Easily the most disturbing report of a UFO encounter in Houston involves Clatyon and Donna Lee, and no less a figure than Bill O'Reilly spoke to the couple regarding their alleged repeated abductions by aliens.

Over the course of both their lives, the Lees say they have been taken up into the sky and probed and experimented on by not-quite-human blond figures. In one of these encounters Donna states that she either miscarried or had a fetus removed from her by the aliens. Under hypnotic regression to the incident Donna screamed "Quit touching me!" and has stated she believes she will be abducted again in the future. The original Local 6 video of her hypnosis sessions (As well as the remarks from Harvard psychiatrist Susan Clancy on the mentality behind abduction stories) is no longer online, but there is a transcription thanks to the folks over at UFO Casebook.

Early investigator sketch via Blue Blurry Lines
1. December 1980, Dayton: The most famous UFO sighting in and around Houston is the notorious Cash-Landrum Incident. It's a remarkable case that actually resulted in civil court proceedings because witnesses declared that their encounter with the UFO affected their health.

The story goes like this; Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Vickie's grandson Colby Landrum were returning home after dining out when they saw a light over the trees. Thinking it was a plane approaching George Bush Intercontinental Airport they didn't take much notice of it. However, upon getting closer they saw it was a diamond-shaped flying machine belching fire and giving off great heat.

The ship was the size of the Dayton water tower, and rose the temperature around it so high that parts of the car apparently became painful to touch. Eventually, it rose into the sky to be pursued by a fleet of helicopters. Dayton police officer, Detective Lamar Walker later confirmed seeing the copters in the area, though he did not say that he'd seen the diamond ship.

After the incident both women suffered symptoms consistent with radiation poisoning and sued the federal government claiming that the helicopters proved some sort of involvement. The case was dismissed, but the encounter remains one of the more baffling and amazing things to have occurred in the dark skies surrounding our city.

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