Rest of the Best: 10 Best UFO Sightings in Houston

7. December 2012, Cleveland: Lights in the sky around New Year's Eve are nothing noteworthy, but Lauren Harris of Cleveland, TX saw something more remarkable over U. S. 59 in 2012. A large, cylindrical craft appeared above her, pulsing with light. Occasionally it would disappear, and then reappear again without having changed position.

Her attempts to document the encounter were thwarted by a mysteriously malfunctioning phone, but Fletcher Gray of the Mutual UFO Network took the nursing student seriously enough to drive to Cleveland and investigate. There's been no update on Gray's findings on the MUFON website, but apparently Cleveland isn't done with strange sights in the sky. Earlier in March a witness took pictures of a tornado-shaped cloud surrounded by five moving lights.

6. September 2013, Houston and Beyond: Some sightings are so massive that they actually spread all across the state. This was the case of the so-called Fireball Over Texas spotted last year. In the video above you can see pictures taken of the mysterious light that appeared from various Houstonians (And even photos provided by NASA from space), but witnesses from San Antonio, Fort Worth, and even up into Oklahoma all reported the flash.

One Waxahachie resident compared it to an explosion, according to Dallas Morning News. "After it exploded, the meteor got brighter and didn't burn out until it was close to the horizon," the person said. Astronomers at the Houston Museum of Natural Science believe the UFO was nothing more than a meteor.

5. April 2008, Baytown: Admit it, when we started this article you thought 90 percent of it would feature people East of Jacinto City, didn't you? Well, shame on you for that, but having grown up in East Houston I forgive you that assumption. Strangely enough, no. Baytown's not all that hot a UFO destination.

That said, in 2008 two women in Baytown, Lisa Fojt and Kathy Boyd reported seeing bright, blue-green lights flying over the Fred Hartman Bridge. The women ruled out suggestions of a meteorite, saying that the light made a sharp turn before disappearing. During the interview done by KHOU both women denied they'd been drinking.

4. April 2012, Houston: For some reason Spring of 2012 was host to dozens of different UFO sightings in Houston, though some of them are a bit more dubious than others. This photo comes a video shot on the side of the road by a Houston woman (The flashes in the video are cars driving by), and it features a strange ball of stationary light that fades in and out of the sky without changing position. According to the report on the incident over at UFO Sightings Daily, sunset is the best time to record spaceships because that's when the light changes and renders their cloaking devices inoperable. While that notion is clearly insane, the light itself remains both strange and unexplained.

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