Rest of the Best: 10 Best UFO Sightings in Houston

The Day the Earth Stood Still
A lot of people believe that intelligent life has visited the Earth, and judging by some of the mail I get in this job it would definitely be the first time that's happened. All joking aside, the universe is a big place, and on a large enough scale all improbabilities become certainties. Maybe little green men have come here.

There are definitely some strange things in the sky over Houston, regardless. That's to be expected. Texas is the fourth most prolific state when it comes to UFO sightings. California is No. 1, followed by Washington and Florida. That link lists nearly 500 UFO sightings in Houston alone since 1954, and today we're going to look at the ten best.

10. April 2012, Texas City: Dozens of residents of Texas City reported seeing mysterious red lights in the sky over the course of several days. Most witnesses claim that the lights drifted north of Texas City over Moses Lake. The leading theory is that the lights were Chinese lanterns launched by pranksters. The lights return again over the Thanksgiving holiday, but skeptics still say they are clearly floating lanterns.

9. April 2012, Houston: And now in the "Clearly Not a Model on a String" department of UFOlogy, we previously reported on this incontrovertible proof of the existence of UFOs many year back, and it has not aged very well. Still, no less an authority on UFOs than Jaime Maussan (Mexico's leading UFOlogist according to a Wikipedia entry that was surely not written by Maussan) declares the video to be a clear cut piece of evidence. Real or not, it's made the fringe rounds so much that it felt weird not to include it.

Ivan0135 via YouTube
8. June 1989, Houston: Though the National UFO Reporting Center website can be a treasure trove of information (And with that spinning flying saucer gif on the homepage you know it's a classy operation!) I don't generally pull from it as the witnesses are almost always anonymous, there are no pictures of video, and for the most part independent corroboration even through conspiracy websites is often impossible. In essence, NUFORC is basically just a place where people can post experiences they've had.

Still, one woman's account was so strange it warranted mention. While pregnant and living ten miles from the Johnson Space Center in 1989, the witness reported waking up from a nap to see a grey alien standing at the foot of her bed. The being stood four feet tall, had large bulbous eyes and a tiny slit for a mouth, and featured four-fingered hands on the ends of long, spindly arms. The woman felt that the alien was attempting to read her mind and ran screaming from the room. She returned with her husband, who had been watching TV nearby, and the alien was gone.

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