5 Video Game Endings That Were Originally WAY More Brutal

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I love a video game that can immerse you so deep in its world that you honestly forget who is doing the controlling, you or it. As an art form, games are unique and wonderful, and the ability for them to tell one-of-a-kind stories is what draws me back into them night after night.

But, as with any art, sometimes you're going to find things that affect you deeply. Thankfully, some of those get left on the cutting room floor because they are incredibly depressing. Here are five unused endings from famous games that would definitely have sent you to the Internet for kitten therapy if they'd been kept in.

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Tomb Raider
Last year's Tomb Raider was my favorite game of the year, a perfect mix of fun, drama, realism and mysticism that has led me to play it three times. The ending shows Lara Croft sailing away on a new adventure, having become a survivor who can stand against the worst odds.

Most of the game is spent with Lara trying to rescue her friend Samantha Nishimura, who has been abducted by a crazed cult and is to become host to an immortal witch-queen. Originally it was planned for Lara to have to sacrifice Sam's life in order for the rest of the remaining crew to escape the island. This idea was scrapped by the developers because it felt like forcing failure onto the player. And also because damn you guys!

Assassin's Creed III
When Desmond Miles confronts Daniel Cross at the end of Assassin's Creed II, it's actually a little anticlimactic. The Bleeding Effect, in which memories of ancestors begin to bleed through into a present-day person's mind, affecting his or her mental state, begins to overwhelm Cross and he flees Miles through the Abstergo Industries Rome facility. The chase is exciting, but the ultimate assassination of Cross is something of a letdown.

There is a deleted audio speech, though, that has Cross begging for death. The Bleeding Effect has completely overrun him, and he sees no other escape. You can hear from the video above it's very hard to listen to, and a truly sad sending for such a great villain. Speaking of disturbing audio...

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