10 Things You Don't Want to Miss at Comicpalooza 2014

4. Awesome Things To Buy Or Just Look At

There are rows and rows of handcrafted and unique items. As just one tiny example of the things we covet: these hilarious tees.

Among the things that perhaps go too far: this religious-themed Darth Vader statue.

Chuck Cook Photography
It's a good bet this family is really excited there are three original Power Rangers at Comicpalooza.
3. The original Power Rangers

The original Red (Austin St. John), Black (Walter Jones) and Blue (David Yost) Power Rangers are in town this weekend, so this is your chance to get three autographs off your wish list.

In case you are wondering where the other original Rangers are, the Green/White Ranger (Jason David Frank) is currently at Puerto Rico Con (but visited both Comicpalooza and Space City Con last year) and the original Yellow Ranger (Thuy Trang) was killed in a tragic car accident. We don't know why Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson) didn't visit. *sniff*

2. Agents of Shield

In love with this super series from ABC? Watch actors Brett Dalton, Clark Gregg, Elizabeth Henstridge, J. August Richards, Glenn Morshower and Ming Na Wen talk about the series at their panel on Saturday at 1:45 pm in the General Assembly room. (You get bonus points from us if you know that Ming Na Wen was also the voice of Disney's Mulan.)

1. Stan Lee

The last-minute announcement of Stan Lee's appearance at Comicpalooza has been rocking Houston over the last week, leaving fans across town plotting on how they're going to get a chance to meet him.

Arguably, one of the fathers of modern-day comics, Lee will be at Comicpalooza on Saturday and Sunday. We can't find a panel for him in the schedule, but you can bet there will be autograph and photo opportunities... for a price. But how many more chances do you think you'll get with Stan the Man?

(By the way, Mr. Lee, I have been informed of a few places (*cough* El Big Bad and Charity Saloon *cough*) that would like to give you free drinks, should you be interested and thirsty. I also know of a bartender at Bad News Bar who would literally pass out if you happened to walk in the door. Personally, I'd pay just to see that.

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phaedra.cook topcommenter

NEWSFLASH: Stan Lee is doing photos @Comicpalooza at 5:20 pm TODAY.

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