Pop Rocks: The Most Interesting 2014 Summer Blockbusters (No Sequels or Remakes Allowed)

Guardians of the Galaxy

Big Star: Chris Pratt

Actor to Watch: Benicio Del Toro

Synopsis in 10 Words or Less: Marvel meets Judd Apatow in space.

Chance of Success: 8 in 10

Comic book nerds should drool over this latest Marvel adaptation. More of an ensemble cast, Zoe Saldana (sexy green alien -- where is Capt. Kirk?) and Pratt are in the lead as cosmic felons teamed up to fight the evils of the galaxy. Pratt is best known for his role on Parks and Recreation and a variety of other comedic roles, making him an interesting choice for Star-Lord; think Han Solo played by Vince Vaughn. With John C. Reilly as a criminal wrangler and Bradley Cooper voicing a badass raccoon, this could be Marvel's Men in Black or, if they aren't so lucky, Men in Black 2.


Big Star: Angelina Jolie

Actor to Watch: Sharlto Copley

Synopsis in 10 Words or Less: Bizarro Snow White.

Chance of Success: 7 in 10

Written by the team behind some of Disney's biggest animated hits and helmed by a first-time director with a long, impressive list of visual effects credits (and awards), Disney has managed to turn the story of Sleeping Beauty upside down with this rendering of the classic fairy tale told from the perspective of the Evil Queen. With the popularity of the TV show Once Upon a Time and more fairy tales on the big screen lately like Snow White and the Huntsman, it makes sense for Disney to take a live-action crack at a classic, and who better to play the complicated, perhaps sympathetic queen than Jolie?

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Regarding the Wachowski's return to sci-fi - it sounds like you are blissfully unaware of Cloud Atlas, quite literally one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The Wachowskis did something amazing with the original Matrix and have simply been garage ever since.


It's implied in your article that Maleficent is from Snow White.  It's not, it's from Sleeping Beauty.

jeffbalke topcommenter

Godzilla is a remake of an earlier film, hence the "No remakes, no sequels."

jeffbalke topcommenter

@Becka  Thanks. Got it right in the references to other films, but not in that one. Late night typo. :)

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