5 Things People Hate About the President (Which Are Bullshit)

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Executive Office of the President of the United States
White House Red Room
3. Living High on the Hog
A popular anger-based viewpoint on the Prez is that he is an elected king living like a Caesar in an ivory palace, feasting upon rare delicacies while we common folk put in overtime to afford a Son of Baconator. How can such a decadent figure ever identify with the common man that he's robbing in order to swim in America's money bin?

Look, I'm not here to tell you that the President doesn't get sweet perks. He totally does. For instance, there's his personal chef that you might have heard about...and every month that chef submits a bill that comes right out of the President's salary. Nancy Reagan was famously shocked when the bill first came, though she grew to enjoy it. Unless the occasion is a state dinner, the President gets virtually nothing for free. In essence, staying in the White House is like staying in the world's nicest hotel...with the bill to match.

The salary that a President receives is $400,000 a year, which is ten times the average household income in America, true. On the other hand, it's also below minimum wage for a Major League Baseball player. Oh, hey, do you know how many times in our history that office has received a raise? Five. Total. Whether you dislike Barack Obama or George Bush or any other President, it is always sobering to know that they are paid less to run the country than Lucas Harrell was paid to pitch for the Astros last season, and even if Barack Obama personally slays the Lord of Vampires tomorrow, he will draw the same salary.

So the President lives better than 99 percent of us, but at least he isn't the chief executive of an electronics company dropping $15,000 in corporate funds on an umbrella stand while his company tries to get out of billions of tax dollars that the IRS says it owes. You can claim that what a private company does with its money isn't our business all you want, but that's a few billion in money owed to us the people that is literally being spent on the stupidest, most conspicuous item ever created.

President Obama seen here issuing Executive Order 13513, telling federal employees not to text and drive.
2. Executive Orders
It sounds scary, I know. You might remember this chain email from your dad claiming that Obama has signed more than a thousand executive orders, most of them aiming to confiscate your guns, install the United Nations as overlords and force good Christian girls to have abortions so as to free up jobs for illegal immigrant Muslims. How dare the President use something that sounds vaguely like a command to massacre the Jedi? It's unconstitutional!

No, it isn't.

You may disagree with the intention of an executive order, but their usage goes all the way back to George Washington. True, modern usage utterly eclipses the first century of this country's history, but then again so does the scope of the federal government. There's a lot more to manage now and way more laws and that is actually what the President does. He is the head of the executive branch, and he issues orders to execute his office. That's the President's job, and he actually faces impeachment if he fails to do that.

When a President issues an executive order, he cites the law that he is attempting to execute. If he's not working within the framework of that law, he might indeed find the order judged unconstitutional, as Harry Truman found out when he placed steel mills in the country under federal control. Are you getting that? The people up at the top actually do know what is and is not within the power of their office, and when they move outside it, they usually get called on it.

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Going to jail for not paying obamacare tax, indefinite detention of American citizens, militarization of law enforcement and ridiculously high unemployment rate yeah. Dictator Obama is doing great! this article is utter bullshit


It's amazing that facts are ignored by purposefully misinformed morons.

Patrick Russell
Patrick Russell

Sad thing is that most "Obama Haters" really have no factual basis for their hatred of his policies....is progression in the opposite direction of an increasingly ass backward society that keeps proving time after time it needs more direction a bad thing?? They cling to the inevitible ghosts of the rapidly dying Conservative Ideal because Conservative mommy, daddy, Rush Limbaugh and Fox news tells them to blindly hate Obama! Think outside the box...it's not 1950 anymore.

Jesse Santillano
Jesse Santillano

NM the haters. Keep up the great work, Mr. President! Liberty and Justice, for ALL!

Armida Blue
Armida Blue

I don't like Obama and none of my reasons are on the list.

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Even as a dyed in the wool Democrat, I do think he could have and should have done far more to work with Congress as Clinton did before him. Aside from that quibble your points are valid.

Mark H. Rogers
Mark H. Rogers

People don't like his Policies, not his politics........


Did I accidentally get onto the Economists' webpage?


I also support our president. And while I commend you for writing this post, you're a little short on facts. It might help to cite some to support your assertions –as this comes up as nothing more than a puff piece. e.g. Fact: at his current rate of .09 per day in office, president Obama is projected to issue the fewest executive orders since Grover Cleveland.

JefWithOneF topcommenter

@didnotkatie I've never read that article. Also, even if I had read that article I fail to see how it is plagiarized. 


@gossamersixteen Hard to work with people when they're stopping at nothing to undermine you and make you look like an ass.

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