5 Reasons Someone Needs to Film a Zombie Movie in the Houston Medical Center

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The Walking Dead
My wife just finished up her nursing school education, which means that she spent a fair amount of time in the Houston Medical Center. Having dropped her off at school on a number of occasions, I am here to literally beg Hollywood to descend on our city and film the greatest zombie movie ever made because there is no place better suited. Don't believe me? Here's my thesis.

5. Believability
Zombies and hospitals go together. Think about how many great zombie vehicles have opened in hospitals. 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead come to mind immediately. After all, where else would you take a bite victim? There's even an entry in Max Brooks's Zombie Survival Guide that explicitly mentions not trying to hole up in a hospital since you'll almost certainly be able to see a pattern of attacks radiating out from it as an epicenter.

And yet, as far as I can tell, only one major zombie movie has ever been filmed in Houston, and a voodoo zombie film to boot. That makes zero sense to me. We have the finest and most diverse medical industry in the country right here. Surely someone exhibiting symptoms of a bizarre new undead plague would be sent here eventually. Throw in our city's reputation for diversity and immigrants from all over the world (yay!) and the fact that the nation's largest human trafficking route runs right through us (boo!), and you're looking at the perfect and most likely place for a bizarre supervirus that animates corpses into murder machines to really come off.

4. Atmosphere
Have you ever been down in the Medical Center on an overcast Sunday? It's deserted, and it is creepy as hell. Oh sure, there are some people there. Hospitals don't ever close, but compared to the day-to-day industry during the week, it's a ghost town.

There's something about empty-looking buildings on the sheer scale of the hospital system in Houston that is very unnerving. All that science and accomplishment standing still, it's like being inside that freakin' Shelley poem about Ramesses II. "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair." That sort of thing. I've seen plenty of American cities deserted and abandoned in movies, but for me an empty Medical Center is worse than all the rest combined.

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Jim Rassinier
Jim Rassinier

You're trying wayyy too hard. Sorry you recently lost your faith, but do your readers need to hear you incessantly vomit about it? Hmmm?

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

Does the old Hermann hospital contain some sort of mini-museum for old time hospital equipment? I have a vague recollection of seeing the inside of one the Med Center Hospitals that had such a place.

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