10 Games With Guinness World Records

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You hear about dedicated gamers breaking world records all the time when it comes to speed runs and marathon gaming sessions, but the games themselves also manage to make it into the Guinness Book of World Record as well. Today we celebrate them.

Final Fantasy XII - Longest Development Period
My favorite entry in the Final Fantasy series had a tortured development that lasted five long years, making it the current holder of the longest period ever spent on a single game. The delay was so long and hard that it significantly hurt Square Enix financially, and director Yasumi Matsuno was forced to leave the game over it before completion. The optional superboss Yiazmat was named in his honor.

Fallout: New Vegas - Most Lines of Dialogue in a Single-Player RPG
Voice acting in video games has become a tremendous achievement, but if you're going to really pull it off you have to have multiple lines for multiple scenarios and decisions. Fallout: New Vegas went way above the call of duty in that regard, recording 65,000 separates lines of dialogue.

Mafia II - Most Swearing in a Video Game
We've come a long way from the days of Bionic Commando when the word damn was shocking. Now you can indulge almost any R-Rated content you like so long as it's labeled. Still, there's an upward limit right now to the amount of profanity most people would put in a game. 2K is not most people. At more than 200 f-bombs, Mafia II is officially the bluest game ever made, and puts it just under the movie Scarface in terms of fuck-usage.

Wii Sports - Best-Selling Video Game of All Time
As of this year Wii Sports has sold more than 85 million copies, making it the best selling single game of all time. It took over the place from Super Mario Bros, though Mario is still easily the best-selling character of all time. Still, your grandma's favorite game is the winner.

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Longest Cutscene Sequence
Depending on who you are cutscenes in video games are either the reason you fight so hard to win or a nuisance to be skipped at the first opportunity. No matter how much you might believe the former, however, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a little excessive. Four separate scenes in the game's finale add up to 71 minutes of non-play, and are longer than some theatrical films. The game also holds the record for longest single cutscene at 27 minutes.

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