Doctor Who: 5 Obscure Doctor Who Adventures That Are Free on YouTube

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Take it from me...getting into Doctor Who can be an expensive hobby. Sure, when you're plowing through the modern series on Netflix, it feels like a steal, but once you run out of Matt Smith and decide to go exploring the classic series or Big Finish audio or even the expanded universe novels, that stuff starts to add up fast.

While you'll find plenty of clips all over the place, the BBC is very, very touchy about what it allows to be hosted on YouTube. Those Loose Cannon re-creations of lost classic episodes are fine, but anything that they can make money from gets pulled very, very quickly.

Unless, of course, it's so obscure that even the BBC doesn't bother with it. Well, dedicated fans do, and today we're going to show you some of the fantastic Doctor Who hidden treasures hiding in the bowels of YouTube.

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The Ultimate Adventure
Though I've heard of the 1989 stage play written by Terrance Dicks before, I can honestly say I've never really had a desire to see it. After all, how could you do something like Doctor Who onstage? Turns out you can do it pretty damned well, actually.

Colin Baker reprises his role as the Sixth Doctor alongside new companions Jason, Crystal and Zog in a battle against the Daleks and the Cybermen. I'm not going to lie; the quality of the video is horrific, but despite that you can really feel the power Baker brings to the role when he's out from under some of the restraints from his time on television. His outfit is also way, way better. Someone needs to revive this with Paul McGann posthaste.

Real Time
In the early '00s, rumor of a television return of Doctor Who abounded, but not really in the format we know it today. The prevalent thinking was that the show would work best as an animated series. This led to several tentative projects like "Scream of the Shalka" that were intended to be the new direction but which were left behind upon the resumption of the series proper with Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor.

One of the best from this period was "Real Time," again starring Colin Baker because he really is way more awesome than anyone gives him credit for. His darker, blue-suited interpretation was joined by Evelyn Smythe, a mid-20th-century academic. This marks the only time an original Big Finish audio companion has physically appeared in a BBC-sponsored production (The audio companions of the Eighth Doctor were mentioned by name in "Night of the Doctor," but did not appear.) Problems with the webcasting and focus on the new series have left these half-animated artifacts behind, but speaking as the father of a young child, I can promise you that a revitalized version would be eaten up by kids.

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Jim Rassinier
Jim Rassinier

I know of nobody that watches this show; which is fine & all, but isn't this about the 5th article about it? How about an article about another asinine show? Haven't see anything written about "Small Wonder" in a while.

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