The Six Best Things About the New Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

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Ape Against Tank

While I'm not expecting Saving Private Ryan levels of violence, it's good to see that there's a clear escalation in scale of violence between Rise and Dawn. I mean, you didn't expect humans to go quietly in to the night on the path to Earth becoming The Planet of the Apes, did you? Speaking of which...

Apes on the March

Yeah, totally not an army I'd want to try and fight, no matter how many cool weapons my species had designed. I almost worry that this trailer has too many cool shots in it and that the rest of the movie can't keep up.

Ape Law

It almost happens too quickly to really pick up on in the trailer, but the apes are making some serious advancements in communication. Like I said, I'm looking forward to hearing Caesar rally the troops, but I'm also digging the larger feel of the ape community.

Bonus: At the start of this blog is the American version of the trailer. If you want to see a slightly different version with a few bonus shots, check out the international trailer below:

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