What's in Fashion: Joe Biden for Ray Ban?, Kate Upton Loves Her Boobs

Photo by Daniel Schwen via Wikimedia Commons
No not really, but his Instagram post looks like an ad.
Lots of breaking fashion news hits the interwebs and I don't want you to miss one bit of it. So, I present some of the biggest headlines each week for your reading pleasure.

Click and enjoy!

Kate Spade is in the kids clothing business now. Thanks Gap! via LA Times

Wanna see Lady Gaga images unretouched? via Buzzfeed

Looks like you may have to wait a while for those new Nikes. via Washington Post

Two words... eyebrow transplants. via Refinery29

Kate Upton does love her boobs. We can call off the prayer vigil. via Huffington Post

Tina Fey glams it up for another beauty brand. via Daily Mail

Victoria's Secret fashion show has new diggs. via NY Mag

Joe Biden for Ray Ban? No, but check out this Instagram image. via Fashionista

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