5 Ways Veil Kicks Rape Culture Right in the Crotch

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I picked up Greg Rucka's debut book for his new comic series Veil for my monthly comic round-up, and having read through it about six times now I am convinced that it is the greatest antidote to rape culture I've ever seen in a comic in addition to just being a fascinating and original story. Rucka has been sitting on the character of Veil for 20 years, never really able to may it come out the way he wanted. I say the reason is because Rucka is clearly so ahead of mainstream culture that there was simply no place ready for such a work.

Here's five reasons why.

The Nudity: Veil wakes up in a subway completely naked, desperately confused, speaking in rhyming nonsense, and clearly in a bad way. Then she wanders out into the streets of New York where she gets the exact attention that you might expect her to.

Nudity is used a lot of different ways in visual art. Eroticism and sensuality, of course, but it's also a symbol of vulnerability. If you ask me one of the greatest failures in film was Jessica Alba refusing to actually strip in Sin City. Not because I'm overly invested in seeing her nipples, but because that transition between object of desire and scared little girl when she runs into Hartigan's arms would have been that much more jarring and powerful.

Veil pulls that dichotomous interpretation off by having this gorgeous female form illustrated with care by Toni Fejzula simultaneously lusted over and obliviously unaware of the dangerous situation she's awoken to. It's just really well done.

The Villain Upon leaving the subway the first person to try and talk to Veil is a hulking mass of bad intentions named Vincent. The exact quote goes, "Oh, I want some of that... I'm going to take a sweet piece of her." His friends nearby are a little horrified at his attitude, but don't initially do anything to stop it.

In just a few lines Vincent reveals a lot of what makes rape culture tick. It's not necessarily sex as much as power and greed. He refers to Veil as "that", not "her", and when we see him later he is angry not because of anything she did, but because what he'd claimed as "his" had been denied. She could have been a pile of money or a chocolate cake as far as his brain is concerned. That she is a living, feeling person and not an immediate scratch to an itch simply never occurs to him.

The Consent: Vincent's friend Dante shoves Vincent off and decides to get Veil off the streets and hopefully back to whoever cares for her. Gentlemanly, he sheds his coat to cover her nakedness and escorts her to his home.

That's nothing special in heroes, but the way he does it is brilliant. I literally don't think it's ever been done before in a comic. He doesn't just drape the coat over her; he asks her if he can put the coat on her. He doesn't guide her along by grabbing her arm or putting his own arm around her shoulders. He tells her that he is going to put his hand on her back and to tell him if she doesn't want him to do that.

This isn't some guy living out a white knight fantasy. This is Dante recognizing that something terrible has occurred and making sure at every step he gives Veil the chance to control her surroundings. That's just beautiful.

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Demanding more eroticism and nipple action during violent rape scenes is not anti-rape culture, as you purport. In fact, it is a call for more violence against women. The failure is not of the film industry (run by men) but not to show erect penises and male hairy anus during male on male rape scenes. Just what would parity and equality look like every time a female breast, female crotch, and female gluteus maximus were shown on a TV commercial…there was a nice tight shot of male crotch, a nice ample bulge? Would that evoke your emotions? Back to the basics, in film and to your point, would an erect penis evoke your emotions??? Or only Ms. Alba’s nipple? So sorry your eye candy wasn’t provided. (I’ll just go ahead and accuse you of having weak emotional responses and promoting misogyny since you could not intellectually rationalize any alternative but failure.) What if there was a government mandate of equality? Men would be appalled seeing penises every time there was a female breast or an ass on TV or film. Doesn’t fit the male world view of control over the vagina. But since men are in power, parity and equality will never happen. Therefore, female exploitation continues with your call to the film industry for more eroticism, and failure to provide as ample evidence. You are sorely mislead. Your article in fact contributes to the misogyny that is rampant in this society.

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