Spring 2015 Wedding Gowns Perfect for the Statement-Making Bride

Photo courtesy of Damsel White Label
More often than not, bridal market season in New York comes and goes without much fanfare. Cookie-cutter gowns with matching lace veils traipse down the runway, media takes note and everyone goes home. Not to belittle the incredible work and awe-inspiring details seen during market, but up until the past few years, it has been a bit predictable.

The spring 2015 runways felt like a breath of fresh air in comparison. Designers presented the requisite classic looks, but amid the chiffon avalanche were pieces that pushed the bridal envelope and brought a little newness to old ideas.

Weddings in general have been trending toward more individuality for a few years, so it is no surprise that the centerpiece of the wedding -- the gown -- has been remade for the modern woman. In addition to bridal-specific inspirations, designers looked to ready-to-wear trends for a little street style infusion -- hello, wedding day crop tops!

I present to you five trends seen on the Spring 2015 runway and interpreted by four of Houston's finest bridal design talents.

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The little black dress at the end is by Sinched and worn by Carlotta Champaign. Hair and makeup are by Jessica Garza and photo by Chuca.

Chuca, Jessica, Violet Peacock, and Sinched are all local Houston artists. :)

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