Pop Rocks: Watching the First Season of Veronica Mars for the First Time

Neptune was an interesting place.
There was a point in my life when I wasn't all that into TV. This was abnormal for me as I have watched television nearly religiously since I was a toddler. I have a strange memory that allows me to remember things after watching a show once some people couldn't remember if they saw it 10 times. It has been a blessing and a curse. Just ask my wife.

But during the transition into the new century, I got out of watching primetime television. Some of my favorite shows had ended and networks not named CBS, NBC and ABC (or even Fox) were starting to produce new and interesting shows. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dawson's Creek to even the sadly stunted Freaks and Geeks, I just wasn't much into TV.

Another show that lots of people I knew enjoyed, particularly the women in my life, was Veronica Mars. I heard good things about the show featuring a blond teen turned noir-style detective, and starring a very young Kristen Bell unraveling the mysteries in her rich-versus-poor beach town of Neptune, California. Fans of the show were so dedicated, they managed to raise enough money on Kickstarter to fund a film that came out this year. That's where my initiation begins.

My wife, who is not exactly the most avid watcher of TV, was a fan of the show, mainly season one which she recalls as being the pinnacle of the show, which lasted only three seasons before facing the chopping block. When the film came out, she wanted to see it and when we noticed it was for rent on Amazon the same weekend it hit theaters, she was quick to suggest we watch it.

The fact that it went to video streaming while still in theaters wasn't an encouraging sign, but we plunged ahead. I'm not one to be ruined by spoilers as I wrote about in this space a few weeks back. So, seeing the movie first wasn't all that big of a deal to me.

It didn't matter too much then that the film was an awful stinker of a production. It felt like show creator Rob Thomas tried to cram about five one-hour episodes of the television show into an hour-and-a-half while re-introducing characters at lightning speed. Even with no knowledge of the show, this was painfully obvious and neither of us cared for the film. But, assured by my wife that the series was better, we pressed on.

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Having been a fan from Day 1, I was so excited when I learned of the movie that I could hardly contain myself and I'm almost 50. It didn't disappoint; I loved the movie and can't wait to watch it again. I'm one happy Marshmallow!

johnnybench topcommenter

As a fan of the show, and kickstarter backer, the movie delivered what I wanted.  I can certainly understand its lack of appeal to those not familiar with the show - there was a lot of inside baseball/easter eggs.  My viewing companion felt the same way as you.  


You really should have watched the whole show before watching the movie. You would have known how the fans were left hanging by the end of season three and you would have seen how the movie was a big hit with the fans. Sure it is not the biggest production but it brings you right back to Veronica's Neptune. The sarcastic quips, the class war, Logan and Veronica, the mystery...its all part of the awesomeness of the show. 

Was it rushed? sure. Was is it supposed to bring some closure? absolutely not. The movie was definitely about bringing back Veronica. In fact the book that was released 10 days after the movie picks up right where the movie left off. 

I'm only writing this because i personally loved the movie. 

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