Fashion Truck Fest Finds & I Think I Am in Love

Photos by Cherise Luter
The fourth installment of Fashion Truck Fest was this weekend hosted by Liberty Station restaurant on Washington. The quarterly gathering of mobile boutiques has become the place for fashion truck enthusiasts to browse their favorites. I wasn't sure what to expect, being that this would be my first fashion truck experience, but I think I am in love.

Much like their older cousins food trucks, fashion trucks have an upper hand on store locations in that they can take their wares to their fans wherever they are, be it a festival, local bar, coffee shop or lunch time hot spot. They are the perfect hybrid of product and convenience befitting the fast paced lives we all live, which accounts for their increasing popularity nationally.

In response to the exponential growth of mobile retailers across the country, Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo, owners of Le Fashion Truck in Los Angeles, created the American Mobile Retail Association, a national membership organization for fashion trucks. The organization sets standards, codes of ethics, and provides support for newbies and resources for all interested in mobile boutiques. They also assist in the education of city officials unaware of the benefits of mobile retailing and, in some cases, working against the burgeoning industry.

As for Houston, fashion trucks are feeling the love. Earlier this month, Greenstreet Downtown launched a long term partnership with Houston fashion trucks and art and music festival Pop Shop Houston has been a prime spot for mobile boutiques to reach their audience.

And now a little about the boutiques I checked out at Fashion Truck Fest, which will be returning to Liberty Station in June. Proceed with caution, they are all incredibly addictive.

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