9 Inappropriate Sexual Scenarios in '80s Teen Movies

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No, it's not your clean, close shave. It's your date rapey-ness.

Even back in the day, Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey was getting the ladies. In this case, for money. The premise of the movie starts simply enough. College kid's parents decide to stop paying his tuition, so he turns to delivering pizzas, which leads to him having sex with a bunch of bored, lonely housewives. They "order" him by requesting "extra anchovies" on their pizzas. It's like Duece Bigalo Male Gigalo, but less funny and without the heart.

Revenge of the Nerds

In this '80s classic, you could point to the nerds installing hidden cameras in a sorority house so they can watch them naked as pretty messed up. You might also consider the fact that they sold the topless photo of one of those sorority girls to fellow students -- attached to a paper plate and buried under some whipped cream. But, nothing could compare to when one of the nerds pretended to be the boyfriend of the hottest sorority girl so he could have sex with her -- he kept his Darth Vader costume on the whole time. One might call that rape, but then when the girl finds out and is cool with it because the sex was so good, well, I give up.

Sixteen Candles

Truly, one of the great teen comedies of all time and another John Hughes classic, this film is unfortunately saddled with one of the most egregious date rape scenes in history when Anthony Michael Hall is given the keys to the Rolls Royce belonging to Jake Ryan's parents and drives off with the prom queen, so hammered, she can't tell the difference between Farmer Ted and her handsome boyfriend. They end up in the parking lot of her church the next morning where she confesses that she thinks they had sex and she thinks she liked it. It all is tied up nicely with a kiss. Disturbing.

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