9 Inappropriate Sexual Scenarios in '80s Teen Movies

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How old WAS she?
Blue Lagoon

Never mind the notion of two underage teens on a deserted island discovering the mysteries of young love, there could be nothing more disturbing to teens at the time than Brooke Shields standing in the water surrounded by blood because she got her first period. Not only was it cringeworthy, but it meant she was like 12 and probably like 14 when she had a baby on that God forsaken island.

Flowers in the Attic

Much like Blue Lagoon, this deals in young love. It's a much more tragic setting -- kids locked in an attic by their insane grandmother -- and it has a significant difference. The film was born out of the wildly popular young adult novel of the same name, which feels a little gross considering the young love was between a brother and sister. Sure, they were locked away for a long time, but still. Ew.

Weird Science

I will confess that this is one of my favorite films of the '80s, a John Hughes classic that was hilarious in many ways. But, setting aside the humor and the mild sci-fi overtones, this is a film about two horny teen boys making a girl with their computer so they can learn about sex from -- and ostensibly have it with -- her. That would be bad enough if not for the added bonus of them trying to make a second girl for their buddies, whose biggest concern, it would seem, was that their creation have bigger boobs.

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