9 Inappropriate Sexual Scenarios in '80s Teen Movies

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Sometimes, you just gotta say...
Irreverence is essentially the backbone of teen comedies...and adult comedies as well. If there aren't references to weed, puking from drinking too much alcohol and naked hijinks, then it really isn't worth watching when you are in high school. But, in the 1980s, there were times when the irreverent dove headlong into the inappropriate. I'm not talking about gritty representations of real teenagers and their troubles, but the off-handed dismissal of some fairly disturbing situations.

Some were laughed off as kids will be kids. Others were swept aside with a "Whew, thank God we didn't get caught" wipe of the hand across the forehead. This is not the moment when Judge Reinhold's character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was caught masturbating to the thought of a topless Phoebe Cates. Not only did no young male blame him, but this is something that could actually happen with no real harm done outside embarrassment. These moments went a little further.

My Tutor / Class

I place these two "classics" together because they share a common theme: relationships between adults and kids, something we hear about frequently in the world today, but such things that were likely dismissed in the '80s. In the case of My Tutor, a hot blond teacher is hired to tutor a spoiled rich kid and she gets his attention by...well, you know. Class is a bit more complicated and stars the very hot Jacqueline Bisset, who has an affair with a very young Andrew McCarthy. His buddy played by Rob Lowe is determined to end McCarthy's virginity, but McCarthy accidentally ends up with his buddy's mom. Oops!

Risky Business

"Sometimes you gotta say 'What the fuck.'" Tom Cruise's friend, played by Curtis Armstrong who was ubiquitous in '80s flicks, gives him some advice he clearly takes to heart when his parents are out of town. First, he orders a prostitute that turns out to be a large black woman (or man, we aren't sure) who refers him to Rebecca De Mornay, the prostitute all white boys want. Cruise ends up basically becoming a pimp in one weekend and the only thing he gets busted for is a tiny crack in a piece of crystal art belonging to his parents.

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