8 Obnoxious People to Avoid at I-Fest

Photo by robinmcnicoll via flickr

4. The Aussie Accent-Fakers
Yes, the theme is Australia, but really, there are only so many times one can pretend to think "throw another shrimp on the barbie" is cute before it becomes a major source of I-Fest contention.

We don't want to risk someone losing an eye this year over some wickedly awful rendition of an Australian accent, so just avoid anyone dressed like Mick Dundee -- or making gestures of flipping shrimp -- and you'll probably be okay.

Photo by corrinely via flickr
3. The Fun-Suck
They're at every festival ever, those fun-sucks, and they should be avoided at every festival, even I-Fest, for obvious reasons. Well, unless you're going to I-Fest to be miserable and/or practice your resting bitch face, that is. If you want to have fun, these folks are not the one. Not the one at all.

2. Anyone Dragging Lawn Chairs
Lawn chairs are so freakin' practical. The folks who drag them around, especially at festivals with music, are also practical. They're also often quite proper, and that's no fun. If you wanna do the festival thing right, you've got to sit in the dirt like a normal person.

So if you make the mistake of hangin' out by a bunch of people sitting around in their lawn chairs at I-Fest, there's a good chance you'll hear "Down in front!!" about a thousand times because, well, dancing and all.

Planning for things like I-Fest is so overrated.

1. The Misplaced Partiers
Come on, guys. It's I-Fest, not Coachella, and yes, there may be tons of alcohol for sale, and probably some weed if you hit the right stage at the right time (hint: reggae anything), but this is not Spring Break '07, fools! Peeing your pants and screaming "WhoooooOOOOOOOooooooooo!" is only entertaining to you, and perhaps security, so stop it.

Go change into your grown-up party panties and pull yourself together before you come back near us at I-Fest. The entire festival will thank you. But until that happens, we'll be doing our best to avoid you cause it is indeed at that level.

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Wow, Angelica, you managed to hit some nerves.  

I totally agree with you on the kid issue; it's definitely the parents that are at fault. They see the price of their ticket as a pass to allow their little rugrats to behave obnoxiously.

And waiting for the comments from THOSE parents in three, two, one...

Bobby Mcandrews
Bobby Mcandrews

How about the 10 most obnoxious HP lists of 2014? These buzzfeed-esque lists make decent clickbait I suppose, but shite-arse content... why not x-post some shitty Hairballs review or something


So don't bring kids to I-fest? Really? I thought festivals like this were family-friendly. Anyways...author sounds like a really nice person. :/


Oh snap H Press manners police. Didn't realize you graduated from the etiquette academy already. (At any rate, associating with people you look down upon just to get free green also seems vulgar).


I've never heard anyone complain about our awesome international festival. Of all the crap to write about, why take a shot at iFest?


Speaking of obnoxious, who the hell is running Houston Press these days? I appreciate your articles on important political and cultural issues or your tips on good restaurants, whatever... But seriously, you guys need to stop posting all this pointless, snarky crap that serves no purpose except to say, "Look everybody! I'm annoyed with everything! See how clever and sarcastic I am at labeling all these First-World problems and irritations? I am SOOO cool!" Yeah, that's not obnoxious at all. GET A LIFE.


The author sounds like they would fit pretty comfortably into category three. It's a festival, relax, there's plenty of room for everybody to do their own thing and have fun in their own way.

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