Zach Levi Explains It All: Why Nerd HQ 2014 Needs Fan Funding

Chuck Cook Photography
Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion at Nerd HQ. Last year, they took on a great deal of the hosting duties since Levi had to conserve his voice for his Broadway show, First Date.

Even if you couldn't be there in person, the events were live-streamed and posted to You Tube afterwards, another free service. The panels cater to a wide range of fans, so there's something for just about every kind of nerd out there. Last year included Joss Whedon (director of Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Avengers, among others) and Tom Hiddleson (The Avengers). (Hiddleston, by the way, did a spot-on Jurassic Park velociraptor impression that is not to be missed. It starts around 58:00.)

But there was something about Nerd HQ most of us didn't know until last week. As he eloquently and humbly explained in this video, Levi has been personally fronting the money to put on the event. That situation caused him serious problems last year when some of Nerd HQ's sponsors bailed at the last minute.

Chuck Cook Photography
Fillion has auctioned off personal items during his panel at Nerd HQ. The proceeds from the fun and impromptu auctions are donated directly to Operation Smile.
"Chuck" ended in 2012. Since then, Levi had a supporting role in Thor: The Dark World as Fandral and a Broadway run from July 2013 until January of this year as the lead in First Date: The Musical. It's reasonable to assume that an actor who is currently between gigs is going to have some problems financing an effort that costs a million dollars to put on. Besides that, it's kind of ridiculous for one guy to finance an effort that millions of people get to enjoy via the You Tube videos.

Why should you care about this crowdfunding effort? First, there are few actors who are as charitable with their time as Zachary Levi, who offers himself up for photos with fans at a mere $20 a pop and all that money goes to Operation Smile. During his Broadway run, he met fans and did photos and autographs for free after the show. He's a genuinely kind, earnest, well-intended guy who wants to do some good in the world. Levi's image is the exact opposite of the boozing, drugged up, spoiled, superficial Hollywood types we too often see on the news. We should support what we want to see, and Levi is a vastly better role model than, say, Justin Bieber.

Second, Nerd HQ provides entertainment for all sorts of fandoms and it's available to everyone online. Whether you're into Doctor Who, Robot Chicken, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, movies like Pacific Rim or what the former Chuck actors are up to, there's something for you.

Third, Nerd HQ is a place where thousands of people come together to raise money for the cleft palate surgeries needed to give kids their smiles back. Over the past three years, over $400,000 has been been raised for Operation Smile.

Fourth, I'd love to see Nerd HQ come to Houston in some capacity. Nerd HQ made its first appearance at New York Comic-Con last year. It was the first time it had a presence outside of San Diego. There were no panels, but there were celebrity signings and photos for charity. Why couldn't this happen in Houston at one of the local cons someday?

Finally, and most importantly, Nerd HQ is building a community. The message is that is that it's fine to be into whatever pop culture thing you like. Even if the rest of the world is too cool to understand and mocks you, Nerd HQ is a place where it's OK to be yourself and wear your nerdiness on your sleeve... or on your chest. Everyone is into something. It's what makes life fun.

If you want to see Nerd HQ continue, donate here. As of today, over $144,000 has been raised, but that's far short of the $1 million that Levi says it costs to put on Nerd HQ. (Petco Park can't be cheap to rent.)

Oh, and if you're a Chuck fan and need one more incentive: Levi has stated on multiple occasions that he wants to see a movie made. If the crowd-funding effort for Nerd HQ is successful, the chances of a similar campaign happening to fund a Chuck movie (a la Veronica Mars) is much more likely. With the ambivalent way the series ended, I know a lot of fans would pay to see Sarah get her memories back.

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Sorry, just some corrections - Zac was in Thor: The Dark World as Fandral, not The Avengers. First Date also started its run in July 2013 (not 2012 as stated above).


Thank you for writing this and helping spread the nerd cause!!!


@v_artc Nerds are my people. :) I've gotten to go and enjoy Nerd HQ every year since it started and it would be a shame for it to go away. Many people say it's their favorite part of SDCC week and I have to agree. BTW, my editor forwarded your very kind note. Thank you! 

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