What's the Deal With All These Bible Movies?

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Son of God
There's one thing you can say about Hollywood: When they get on a kick, it's like a soccer championship death match. In recent years they've given us vampires and not just a few but an entire cemetery's worth. Then zombies became hip, and it was all brain eating all the time. Adapting young-adult novels about ass-kicking girls is currently in fashion, but this next trend is something to behold, literally -- no, figuratively. Hollywood's moved on from the undead to the holy dead. The year 2014 is officially becoming the year of the Bible movie.

Last week the mini-series turn big-budget movie Son of God hit the silver screen to massive audiences, raking in a whopping $26 million for its opening weekend. The movie is basically a conglomeration plus some of last year's History channel ten-part series The Bible. Son of God follows Jesus and all of his crazy antics as told in the books of Revelations and Genesis.

While the critics don't seem to be too keen on this cinematic interpretation - the movie received a 23 percent favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes -- the viewing public is really, really into it. The movie's success may be due to the fact that the last time we saw Jesus on the big screen was during Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Passion pulled in over $485 million, but its anti-Semitic undertones and the fact that Gibson turned crazy on all of us, left a bad taste in moviegoers' mouths. Son of God will do no such thing as it is being described as a very tame and family friendly version of the story.

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James Hoang
James Hoang

God is real. You guys are digging yourself a hole denying him.

Wayward Shepherd
Wayward Shepherd

It's exploiting the naïve for financial gain, what's more Christian than that?

Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez

Your judeo-christian god is just one of many gods created my man throughout human history. It's arrogant to to think your beliefs are the only valid beliefs allowed.

Thuy Vi Le
Thuy Vi Le

Just a better way to appeal to the public on the message of God in today's society. Nothing wrong with that!

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