The Top 10 XXX Places to Party in Houston


1. The Mystery Zone
So, The Mystery Zone is more of a "lifestyle" club than anything, if you catch our drift, but there are plenty of single folks who hang out with the couples in this BYOB establishment, and we find that kind of awesome for your naughty partying. It's a members-only establishment, but you can buy a temporary weekend pass if you're just wanting to check out the establishment first-hand, so no worries there. The passes are a bit pricy, but this club features a ton of extras, which makes it worth the pennies.

And those extras, you ask? Well, there are stripper poles, cages, and shadow-boxes to dance in (or on, we suppose), and there's even a boutique, where you can purchase, well, items for whatever it is you're doing at Mystery Zone. Again, we don't want to know, but even if we do, we sure won't tell.

2504 FM 1960 E, 281-821-9663

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Big mistake missing Eros on Spencer Highway and its huge showroom of intimate furniture.


So me and my husband have been to Club Taboo several times and it's an okay club. I'm looking for a better club. It's not enough single ladies there. It's mostly couples. They need to up grade the DJ. Can anyone suggest any other clubs that don't charge out rages prices?


Me and my chick are going to try....all of them. Thanks for the list.

erichenao topcommenter


#6. Smoochee's section doesn't have the address/phone # listed.


Could we get some personal reporting here? Like, is there any swapping going on in those couples theaters? Among all those high tech gadgets do they have the Chicago Tools reciprocating saw with the dildo attachment? Sheesh.

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