The Top 10 XXX Places to Party in Houston

Photo by Lara Mercer Photography via flickr

5. Club Taboo
So, Club Taboo is, well, we'll let them explain.

"We cater to couples, single females and select single males that are 21 and up. Club Taboo TX offers their members an erotic atmosphere where they can feel comfortable exploring anything TABOO with like-minded individuals."

Basically, this place is everything you need in terms of some XXX partying. It's a members-only lifestyle club, with a sweet dance floor and a BYOB policy, and it's got themed rooms -- the dungeon voyeur room and the principal's office, for starters -- on top of all that. If it's that kind of fun you're lookin' for, Taboo is your kind of place.

7007 Belgold, 281-849-1215

Photo by Thomas Hawk via flickr
4. Cyndi's on Telephone
Listen, we just kind of hear things sometimes, and we've heard quite a bit about Cyndi's. Oh, and we're sure you probably know a bit about Cyndie's, too. After all, the bright yellow letters that identify Cyndi's say it all: "Sexy Lingerie & More." The "& More" is what Cyndi's is all about.

5205 Telephone, 713-643-0300

3. Executive Adult Bookstore & Theatre
The "theatre" part of that moniker is the key word in this XXX-party equation, which seems to be a bit of a running theme on this list. When it comes to watching your fantasies play out, perhaps you a nice change of pace from the glow of the computer screen is in order. Well, Executive Adult Bookstore is just the place to help a brother (or a sister, of course) out with that in their couple's theater. They even give discounts, so make sure to pack up your AARP card, or your community college ID, cause if you've got it, they're given you a break on your entrance fee.

Oh, and another thing? They've also got shelves stocked with motorized, slightly-intimidating adult novelties and collections of DVD's, so whatever your party-favor of choice, there's a good chance Executive Bookstore has it.

14002 Northwest Fwy, 713-462-5100

2. Discount 24 Hour Video
This little westside bookstore was our top pick for adult bookstores in 2013, and there's a good reason for that. Discount 24 Hour Video is kinda rad, with its "community" of patrons all hanging out, watching a bit of good, old-fashioned erotica in a nice atmosphere. Sometimes you just feel like road-tripping it to watch some films, we guess, and if that's the case, perhaps Discount Video should be your destination. As a bonus, you can pick up whatever gadgets and gizmos you'd like to take home with you on your way out. It's a little piece of porn heaven, this place.

730 Hwy 6, 281-679-1797

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Big mistake missing Eros on Spencer Highway and its huge showroom of intimate furniture.


So me and my husband have been to Club Taboo several times and it's an okay club. I'm looking for a better club. It's not enough single ladies there. It's mostly couples. They need to up grade the DJ. Can anyone suggest any other clubs that don't charge out rages prices?


Me and my chick are going to try....all of them. Thanks for the list.

erichenao topcommenter


#6. Smoochee's section doesn't have the address/phone # listed.


Could we get some personal reporting here? Like, is there any swapping going on in those couples theaters? Among all those high tech gadgets do they have the Chicago Tools reciprocating saw with the dildo attachment? Sheesh.

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