Five Things That We Miss About the Rodeo Once It's Over

Photo by Daniel Kramer
3. People That Are In A Good Mood

While there's always that frustrated parent, the couple that's having a breakdown right before the concert starts, or person who is really, really mad that someone cut in front of them to get on the tram, generally speaking everyone at the rodeo is having a good time. Kids are freaking out and having a blast. The wine garden is full of folks enjoying a nice glass outside. Music fans get to scream along to their favorite songs. The vibe is just really upbeat and positive in a way you'll wish was more prevalent next time you're at the mall Christmas shopping.

Photo by Brian Austin
2. Absolutely Unhealthy Fried Food

It goes without saying that one really doesn't need to eat fried cookie dough and chicken fried bacon all year round, but dammit wouldn't it be nice? The rodeo is a wonderland of fried food that's completely ridiculous and really shouldn't exist. What kind of evil genius invents a corn dog that has a pickle shoved in between the hot dog and the batter? Who looks at cheesecake and thinks, "that's great, but it needs to be fried to really bring it all home?" People I wish had food trucks that I could give money to year round, that's who.

Photo by Allison Miles
1. A Vibrant, Busy Reliant Park

Lots of events take place around the Astrodome year round, but by and large if you drive down that section of 610 all you're going to see is a whole bunch of concrete doing a whole lot of nothing. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's an eyesore; really, it's just kind of a bummer. That's a whole lot of space in the city not being used to the fullest extent. It's so beautiful during rodeo time with the lights and the people running around that it makes the grey emptiness of the rest of the year kind of depressing. I'm as sick as the rest of you of talking about the fate of the Astrodome, but I for one would like to see a little more life in the area non-football Sundays the rest of the year.

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