Five Things That We Miss About the Rodeo Once It's Over

Photo by Brian Austin
He. Is. SO. CUTE.
I never realized just how big a deal the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is until I moved to this fair city. Back home in Victoria we have a livestock show, but being that I've never been the most agriculturally inclined person all that livestock shows ever meant to me was that the carnival was in town.

To my surprise, I've become rather fond of this yearly tradition. While many of my friends are ambivalent or downright hostile toward it, I genuinely look forward to it now. Sure, traffic gets a little worse in certain parts of town, the parking lot can be an absolute nightmare, and I'll never be able to pull off the cowboy look, but these are all things that I'm willing to deal with in the name of a good time.

As we prepare to say goodbye to the rodeo until the next year, here are five things that I love about it that I wish I could have year round.

Photo by Daniel Kramer
5. Carnivals That Don't Look Like Death Traps

I am a carnival enthusiast. Sure, I'm not a huge fan of riding rides, but I could spend an entire evening just walking around a carnival taking it and be completely content. Of course, a big reason I'm averse to riding rides is because your average small down/parking lot carnival looks like the rides are held together with duct tape and chewing tobacco. As long as the city doesn't have an amusement park, carnivals will have to do, and it would be nice to have one year round that has a Zipper that doesn't look like a moving tetanus factory.

Photo by Allison Miles
4. Real Life Adorable Animals

I'm a child of the Internet. This means I hate going outside and that I love cute animals. That means that the odds of me going out to a farm to see baby chicks is basically nil as long as cute animal slideshows exist. One of the first things I do every rodeo is go check out the rodeo babies. They just make me smile. Someone is missing out on making a mint by having a year round cute factory in-town full of adorable, tiny animals.

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